Why Your Business Needs These Office Automation Tools


More and more businesses are integrating technology and office automation tools into their daily business dealings. This is to cut down on time spent on menial tasks and increasing productivity within the office. Whether you are a small business or large corporation, these tools can ensure efficiency in the workplace.

Must-Have Office Automation Tools

The point of automation is to cut down on repetitive and simple tasks being performed by an employee. Especially, when it can be done via automation. For example, calls can be automatically forwarded by an interactive voice response or IVR for business instead of an employee. Here, the IVR identifies the purpose of the call and directs the caller to the right department. In essence, it eliminates the job of a receptionist, giving your business one less person to hire.

So, what are some other areas that office automation tools seem to be ruling?

  • Calendar and appointment scheduling
  • Email and social media management
  • Administrative tasks
  • Content management systems
  • Project management systems

Getting such office automation tools can help you organize and control tasks better and save time. This, in turn, will make your employees more productive.

Project and Content Management Systems

Depending on your needs, you may decide to subscribe to a project management system such as Teamwork, Monday, Trello, etc. These systems help you create tasks and projects that can be replicated. You can also create recurring tasks that you do not need to set up time and again. This way, tasks are automated and move automatically from one team member to the next, increasing team collaboration and progress.

These systems also work alongside content management systems such as Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc. where you can create, store, and share important documents and files necessary for the proper functioning of your business.

Call Routing Options

Automate the way your business responds to incoming calls by subscribing to a cloud-based phone service provider such as United World Telecom. You can have an IVR system organize and distribute incoming calls based on location or language preferences. Or, based on the caller’s needs. 

An interactive voice response system is an automated voice feature that answers calls, identifies why a caller is calling and assists them. This could be to either transfer the call or help them make a payment or provide them with information about the company or more. Most providers offer a highly customized IVR feature where you can design it to your needs. This can help you save loads of time answering calls that require repetitive interactions and also reduce wait times for callers that need quick and simple responses.

Marketing Tools

If digital marketing is a big part of how you run your business, then you may want to consider getting office automation tools that support your marketing needs. For instance, social media management tools such as SocialPilot, Buffer, and Hootsuite will let you plan your social posts in advance in one place. Write the posts up, attach images and links, and schedule them to go out as needed. This way, you can prepare days, weeks, and months in advance and not have to worry about the posts on the day they need to go out. 

You can also respond to retweets, re-grams, shares, and comments through these platforms. This way, you can stay active and connected without needing to have all social media apps on your phone and going through them one-by-one.

Why Wait? Automate Today

Office automation tools can vastly improve office productivity by making processes simpler and less repetitive. Increase efficiency and employee satisfaction by giving your employees the right tools to help them accomplish more and succeed every day.