Why Your Small Business Can Benefit from Giving Away Free T Shirts


If you’ve just started up your own small business or are a long-time owner of one, then you’ll know that marketing successfully can often be difficult, especially when you need to front costs that you just can’t afford. While true, there are definitely affordable marketing options out there like social media and email marketing campaigns. While great options, have you considered one where you can actually physically connect with the customer? How about giving away free branded t shirts?

You might not think this is a viable strategy, but it’s actually more effective than you might think. Start by ordering custom t shirts you will want to wear instead of getting something generic that won’t stand out. You can get design tips from professional silk screen printing companies in your area that can help you come up with a t shirt design that will catch people’s interest.

Successfully Used by Other Small Businesses

Take a look at the story of Sujan Patal who made his company, Single Grain, over 500k in revenue just by giving away free branded t shirts. It all started with him making a few t shirts that he could wear to work without having to worry about what to wear on a daily basis. Because he had extras, Patal gave some away to friends and then online via Facebook – the next thing he knew, tons of people were wearing his Single Grain t shirts and basically providing him with free advertising. It turned out to be a great conversation starter, landing him a client worth 50k during a massage.

Like most small businesses, Single Grain didn’t have the budget to spend on marketing campaigns that could help them really get known. Investing in t shirt marketing proved to be helpful in this regard, getting their brand out there and recognized. Brand recognition makes potential customers more receptive and trusting of a business’s services, making them more likely to commit to a sale. This is why brand recognition is so important and how t shirts can actually be a powerful tool.

Custom branded t shirts also helped Single Grain get their name into larger companies, as people would wear their t shirts to their jobs at companies like Apple, HP, Google, Cisco, Yahoo, and Wells Fargo. Because their t shirts would spark interest from their coworkers and bosses, Single Grain eventually found business in these major clients.

Everyone Loves a Good T Shirt

People love getting free things and they also love their t shirts; it’s a perfect combination for a small business owner looking for a successful marketing solution. If you’re worried about costs, don’t be, as a number of screen printing companies offer discounts on bulk orders and are able to work with you within a set budget.

T shirt marketing is probably one of the easiest and most effective marketing campaigns that your small business can take on. It can be done by a single person, just like Sujan Patal, and can be a great way to connect with customers. So why not consider it? Even if you just start by giving away a few, you just may be surprised to see some immediate results like Patal did.