The winning combo of web design and Instagram – Why do you need it in 2018?

Instagram marketing

Designers have a tough time now as digital marketing is more of visual and interactive now when compared to the old text-based communications. The need for any marketer or brand is not just to have a visually appealing website, but it is equally important to have an attractive social media presence to draw in customers and get them converted.

We will further discuss some of the top 2018 web design tips by experts as well as social media marketing strategies oriented on Instagram business account management.

Web designing tips

  • Have a proper plan

Don’t simply start with the design. To ensure that your site meets the needs of the modern world, create a detailed plan by keeping your potential users in mind about every element on your website. Visualize your buyer’s journey from starting to end from their point of view and arrange your page elements accordingly.

  • Remove certain conventional elements from your web pages

There are certain elements, which the old-age designers thought to be essential, but now may detract your user attention from the actual value and message you are trying to share. Complicated animations for example, which in fact are too slow to load, and also can spoil the purpose of your pages. Also avoid content which is too long, stocky images, etc.

  • Don’t forget to add social share buttons

Peer to peer info sharing is mostly done through social media now, and if you put something interesting on your website, it is essential to add the social sharing buttons. With this instant sharing option and a call to action prompting, users those who find your content informative may instantly share it with other, which is free-of-cost advertising for you.

If your web pages lack social share buttons now, it is essential to include them on each page that contains informative content. Social sharing buttons are in fact small iconic buttons which are put on the top or bottom of the posts. You can also buy Instagram followers for promotions.

  • Incorporate a call to action

Once if your visitors come to your page and go through your content, what you want them to do next? They may simply come and go, which may ultimately increase your traffic and SEO, but you will not be finding any real results.

Call-to-action buttons need to be made the primary consideration whenever you are adding new content, and unlike previous times, you need to do it innovative to make the action so natural. It is now easy to enrich your web pages now with bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) type call-to-action than the conventional top of the funnel actions.


Instagram tips

  • Develop a unique theme

As like your logo and theme of website pages, make Instagram also follow a unique theme related to your business. Instagram thrives on images and visuals, so you need to keep a keen eye on themes and colors over here too. Along with colors, you can also experiment with unique theme making with fonts, patterns, typography, etc.

  • Go beyond images

Even though images ensure a high engagement rate on Instagram, there are more ways now for brands to make their posts more engaging.

Videos – Short 15 second videos can be posted on Instagram now.

Boomerangs – Try engaging and fun-filled videos on the loop with boomerangs.

Instagram stories – Instagram stories are those who stay alive for 24 hours and interact more efficiently with the users.

However, these trends are changing fast as we move on the second quarter of 2018 and it is essential for any designer to keep a close eye on these changes to sharpen and upgrade their strategies.