Wix Shoutout -Great Tool For Marketing Your Business And Keeping In Contact With Your Clients


Wix the website builder, created a great tool called ShoutOut. It is meant for busy folks out there such as you who need to have high-quality shoutout marketing features without a headache. Simply create, send as well as share emails in barely a few clicks. And also with the Wix multi-function mobile app, you can easily stay connected every time, anyplace so you will look your very best in almost all units. Each ShoutOut you have to send to your contacts is going to adjust to fit onto their display screens automatically

WixShoutOut is the exclusively Email Marketing system that has a Landing Pages generator along with the programmatic purchase of the exact tool!

Email Marketing On The Go Via Wixshoutout Android And Iphone App

The arrival of Smartphones has meant several changes in the user’s online consumption habits, which with just one click can make purchases and receive them directly at home.TheShoutOut app is the only solution that lets you create, send & share beautiful emails from your phone. The wixShoutOut android and iPhone app Email Marketing you will be able to communicate and retain your customers by sending your news in a personalized way thanks to an integrated wix Marketing strategy.

We Speak Your Language

You will have someone to aid you in your very own marketing campaigns. With our very easy to use too, you want to forget about technical terms and leave that to us. Communicate loyalty to your customers easily to increase sales of your company.

All Your Organized MKT

Stop worrying about having a different tool for each Marketing action! Email, SMS, Social Marketing in one place, our tool take care of all that.

Plan When You Send Your Newsletter

Do you need to send your email marketing campaign or newsletter on Sunday at 7:00 a.m.? Avoid having to go to the office or connect to the platform from home doing your scheduled email marketing with WixShoutout.

Save time and easily manage your email marketing campaigns thanks to the option of scheduled email marketing. Program in advance the sending of emails or SMS campaigns and the WixShoutout platform will automatically send the campaigns on the date and time you decide. Now more than ever it’s important to work with scheduled email marketing to manage the delivery time impeccably and thus make the campaign a success.

With just one click we can schedule the shipment, and we just have to wait for the data report that the platform reports. This utility helps us to plan the shipments but also gives us time and freedom since the sending of the email will be executed automatically.

WixShoutout is the Email Marketing platform that allows you to store your database through a list of subscribers, but you can also manage, analyze and segment these databases with infinity of filters. Manage your contacts quickly and effectively when structuring your Email Marketing database in different groups, you can play with the list creation system to adapt the tool to your needs.

In WixShoutout there are no limitations regarding the number of lists you can create and manage. Also, with the wide range of filters to segment your subscriber lists, the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Potential Customers

Users with the highest reputation of 5 stars

You can also divide these lists in turn into other segments, get very specific profiles of your users and send them with a very specific and effective segmentation.

The WixShoutout subscriber and segment lists are dynamic. New users of your database will automatically be added to them, so you will only have to create the list of subscribers or the segment once.

Analyze Your Email Marketing Shipments In Real Time

Reports in real time for the best decision

The WixShoutout provides a complete system of graphical data reports in real time. The info accessible in the great tool is going to let you identify or perhaps discover opportunities as well as improve the return on your investment in email marketing.

A Few Of The Info And Reports Accessible To All Our Customers:

  • The Emails sent out
  • The Emails delivered also
  • Rebounds (bounces)
  • Feedback loops
  • Low
  • Unique users who have opened an email
  • Open emails
  • Report bounces (hard bounces, soft bounces, spam, etc.)
  • Results of the mass mailing
  • Heat map of clicks on the email creativity sent
  • Reputation report for each user, еtс
  • All rеаl-tіmеdаtаrероrtѕсаnbееxроrtеdіn CSV and Excel and can be sent by email.
  • You can divide your database into different contact lists by applying filters.

WixShoutOut has Plans That Fit Your Needs

Communicate and retain your customers wherever they are, thousand of thousands of the emails sent by our customers per month. Kick off your email marketing campaigns with 3 FREE ShoutOuts a month. Upgrade to a Premium Plan and get even more.You can opt for WixShoutOut Basic, Business Essential, and the Pro Unlimited, check here.

Steady Improvement

We work hard to make WixShoutout every day more useful for you. Every two weeks we bring you new features thanks to our methodology: Agility, commitment, and fun.

Your Problems Are Ours

We bring you much more than a tool. With WixShoutout you will have much more experience in Digital Marketing that speaks your language near you.

We Contribute To The Environment

Email is the evolution of direct marketing where much paper was wasted. We contribute to the environment since Email Marketing is ecological.

Obviously, WixShoutOut and website builder is the most effective marketing approach for small organizations. We ensure it’s effortless for all to create, send as well as share the stunning newsletters, invitations, sale campaigns along with product updates that look impeccable on all devices. With designer-made themes, an instinctive editor, and then necessary email marketing gear, WixShoutOut empowers business owners globally to connect and also engage with clients.

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