Along with the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, more people are seeking for the types of digital finance based service. Here is the top cryptocurrency that much talked in 2018 you need to know.


The top one cryptocurrency that is much talked by many people out there is Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency based service is very much popular now and predicted to grow more popular for years to come. To give optimum services to the clients, Bitcoin comes with more regulation in compliance based market. There will be more activities done in this year relate to the Bitcoin services so that the clients will be able to enjoy benefits from the increases prices of the cryptocurrency. There are a lot of advantages that the customers can get from Bitcoin include the user anonymity used by the system. With the anonymity system applied, any transaction that has been conducted before by the clients cannot be traced back. It also makes the transactions become less obvious. There will be no third party companies like banks and government that get involved in the system. So, every transaction is really secure.


The next popular cryptocurrency today is Ethereum. There are some factors that contribute to increasing the crypto currency’s popularity include the similarity with Bitcoin’s system. But, unlike Bitcoin, there is a tendency for this Ethereum to lose USD value from a top value. The ETH’s market gap now is showing 20% just like the Bitcoin as well as the other similar crypto companies. Generally, the transactions conducted within Ethereum ecosystem is pretty higher if compared to the ones done through Bitcoin’s blockchain. The crypto company also has developed its service such as creating private z snarks transactions that will make it possible for the ETH to accelerate the system with new applications.


IOTA is the next cryptocurrency in the list. There are some reasons that make this cryptocurrency is much chosen by people. IOTA comes with some interesting offerings include a secure, productive, and light system, in which clients are able to do transactions in real time without additional fee needed. The cryptocurrency is specially designed to provide efficient and reliable services.


The next top 5 cryptocurrency in the list is Dash. It is actually token which is based on controlled cryptology platform which has a specialty in the blockchain. It comes with a specific purpose to make it possible for the moving of private money to be controlled and monitored so all the transactions can be done in a more secure way. This also makes it possible for the clients to conduct protected transactions which cannot be traced back.


Last but not least is Ripple. It is a real-time transaction which is done between people. The transaction is aimed to make it enable the people involved to exchange the money within an ecosystem. Just like the other popular cryptocurrencies mentioned before, the transactions conducted is based on anonymity and totally safe to be done. There will be no records regard to the time and location where the transactions are conducted.

Those are the top 5 cryptocurrencies in 2018. If you want to start you ICO project, check the ICObuffer to get the best deals.