How to write a perfect essay: Do’s and Don’ts


Writing an essay is not an easy task. Many people struggle with the same problems over and over again trying to create a perfect piece of writing. Let’s take a close look at the do’s and don’ts of essay writing to help you through the process.

The Do’s: Are you doing everything right?

Make a plan

Regardless of the size of your essay, you need to make an essay plan. Outlining your thoughts might seem hard at first, but it will be much harder doing it in the process of writing. There are several ways to go about making a plan:

Create a diagram.

Write the main theme of your essay in the middle of the page and draw branching lines to the subtopics.

Make an outline.

Write the main theme on top of the page and list the subtopics below.

You will find that breaking your essay down into sections will not just make writing easier, it will help make the thought flow much more organized. This,in turn, will make the essay easier to read and understand.

Write the introduction and the conclusion before creating the body

In a sense, both introduction and conclusion sum up what you have written in the essay. This is exactly what you need to write is a sound and interesting body. Writing these two pieces before going forward with the main text will help you gather your thoughts together. Make sure to grab the reader’s attention with the introduction as well as the conclusion. These are the sections that should be the wittiest and make the best impression. Surprisingly, many readers skip over the body and give the main attention to the introduction and the conclusion.

Get a proofreading partner

Every writer knows the utmost importance of proofreading their essay. However, no matter how hard you try, there are usually some obvious things your mind skips through or just doesn’t pay attention to. You can always use one of the numerous proofreading or writing services online. Just spend a couple of minutes looking at reviews to decide which is the best essay writing service for you. If you don’t ask for help then your reader will automatically become your proofreading partner. But once this happens, you won’t have a chance to make corrections anymore.


A well-conducted research is extremely important for your essay. Reading what other people write on the subject will not only add quality to your essay but also it will make your writing much simpler. Give yourself a day or two to do just research without any writing.

Time yourself.

Timing is extremely important for writing an outstanding essay. You probably know when your mind is at its sharpest. Pick that time of the day to start writing. Since most of us don’t have a luxury of taking as much time as we need for writing, you should learn strategical planning. The time of the day when your mind is clear and creative should be used to write the most important parts of your essay. Use that time to make a plan and create the introduction and the conclusion.

The Dont’s: What you should avoid

Don’t repeat yourself

Repeating words and phrases can make your essay boring to read and much less informative than it could be. Do some extra proofreading to avoid repetition.

Avoid passive voice

Sentences written in a passive voice might sound very serious and professional but, in reality, a reader can consider them dull and dreadful.

Avoid banalities

When reading your essay your audience is expecting to learn something they didn’t know before. Old sayings and cliches will just make them annoyed and discouraged from further reading.

Don’t trust just one source

When you are researching the topic of your essay, never trust just one or two sources. There is a lot of unchecked information out there that can mislead you. In turn, you will mislead your readers.

Don’t force yourself

At one point you will feel as if you are forcing words out of yourself in order to complete the essay. Forced words will lead to a very boring result. Take a break. Follow simple rules and try to enjoy the creative process of essay writing. This is the best way to ensure a perfect result.