Yes, PowerPoint is Still Relevant & Here’s Why


PowerPoint has been around for upwards of three decades and has advanced significantly since its inception in 1987.

The platform is not just for school presentations. As a matter of fact, it is commonly used in corporate settings for data reporting, training, and sales.

It goes without saying that PowerPoint is still a relevant means to convey information and create content — in fact, it’s more relevant and useful than ever before.

If you are considering utilizing PowerPoint for your business, you can read this to learn how a PowerPoint presentation agency can help you to create effective presentations that are unique, informative and efficient.

PowerPoint remains a powerful tool, but its power is in how you use it. In fact, The Verge and other business outlets have all applauded Microsoft’s addition of an artificial intelligence assistant to the software. The “presenter coach” helps improve presentations by providing feedback in rehearsal mode. This assistant recognizes stuttering and muttering to help presenters perfect their delivery as well as slide design.

These are the main reasons why PowerPoint is still being used to organize, share and present important information:

It’s Changed with the Times

PowerPoint continues to advance, especially as experts find new ways to elevate and customize their slide decks. Over the years, the program has integrated new elements and features that make it possible for users to create increasingly more dynamic presentations.

It’s Organized

The program uses various built-in templates to help businesses and designers outline their slides in a way that is organized and visually aesthetic. These templates help to organize content and plan out your presentation.

You can even take your slide deck to the next level with a custom template designed by a professional PowerPoint design agency. This will help you stand out, maintain continuity, and integrate your brand identity into your presentation.

It Has Various Customizable Elements

While there are pre-existing templates on the platform, these templates can be customized or redesigned completely to suit your individual needs. You can tweak colours, layouts etc. It is not limiting in the slightest — in fact, it is quite the opposite! With PowerPoint presentations, the sky is the limit.

It’s Collaborative

 The beauty of this design program is that it allows you to save your presentation and easily send the file to someone else. With this tool multiple people can work on a slide deck, which makes it ideal for collaborative teams or expansive divisions.

 It Can Be Projected

You can watch or present a PowerPoint in a variety of ways, whether you want to project it on a TV in a conference room or on a huge screen for a whole auditorium of people to see.

It’s Coachable

A good PowerPoint design agency will not only offer professional design services but will also teach basic to advanced skills and practices for PowerPoint slide design and presentation content.

This training will give your team the resources they need to understand the program better and implement best practices to create consistent quality presentations.

It Has the Internet’s Vote

If the internet deems something relevant, then you can be sure it’s something the general public still connects with. Countless quirky presentations have become memes due to their humorous and satirical content.

This software is something for all ages, whether you are a 12 year old arguing that you deserve a new bike or selling your start-up company to a business.