Your Biggest Break: 5 Things You Must Know Before Starting A Business


The year is about to end, and soon enough, it will be 2021. It’s supposed to be exciting because the new year’s coming always signifies new life and even new hopes. But perhaps, you’re also one of those who have already buried their dream business and simply decided to forget about it altogether because of the great pandemic.

If that’s the case, then you’ve already lost the battle. But the good news is, 2021 is the best year to start growing the dreams that have been planted in your heart for so long a time. It may be a business that you’ve been conceptualizing all your life. And if that’s the case, then you only need to step forward, albeit through baby steps for the meantime.

And as the famous adage goes: “there’s no way but up.” So now that most people hit rock bottom because of the virus’s massive effect, there will always be no way but up. Thus, with the five things you need to know before starting a business in 2021, which are listed below, make a declaration that the said year will be your most significant break. And go launch that dream business of yours.

Know Your Target Audience

A target market or target audience? It is defined as a specific group of potential buyers for which a business positions its products and services.

The common mistake of some businesspersons is that they think every consumer is their target audience. They believe that everyone will patronize their products or services. They do not know that not knowing their prospective clients before they start their business is suicide and utter waste of resources, time, and effort. Thus, make no mistake of committing the same act, for you will surely fail.

Before launching your dream business, you must carefully study the people who will likely be served by your goods or services. Know that your business would not have come to exist without these people because consumers have distinct and various interests. And so, knowing your target audience will help you decide on what type of marketing strategy works for them. 

Lastly, you’ll also know what to cater to and how to entice them so they would keep on coming back for more.

Be Hands-on

Being hands-on with the business is one of the best traits of successful entrepreneurs. They don’t become complacent even if their business is continuously succeeding. However, being hands-on doesn’t mean you have to be present at the office or shop all the time.

Indeed, you can still manage and monitor your business even if you’re away from the principal place of your business. You can still get updates from your team or employees and send each other emails or messages. Indeed, no information will be missed. Thus, you may visit to know more about being able to manage, albeit remotely.

Your Business Must Be A Necessity

Your business must be essential. It means that no matter the season, pandemic or not, your business must be in demand so that whatever happens, your return of investment is sustained. If there’s one thing that entrepreneurs have learned in this time of the pandemic, it’s not to put their eggs in one basket. Meaning to say, businesspersons should not invest in one business.

Thus, if you have already started your passion business, you should also be considering starting a new business, albeit small, that is necessary enough to survive the test of time, calamities, and worst, pandemic. 

Therefore, you may try venturing into businesses like food chains, coffee houses, mini grocery stores, water filling stations, small pharmacies, and the like. To conclude, industries like these don’t fail because these are necessary for the consumers’ daily lives. And this is one best way to balance out coronavirus’s effect on your other businesses or sources of income.

Prioritize Your Employees’ Health

This is the most crucial business hack that you need to consider, especially in this trying time. Without your employees, you will have difficulty sustaining your business. Thus, you must do something in taking care of their health and wellness, particularly their mental health. Your employees will indeed prioritize their well-being, even if it means leaving the workplace. And that leaves you with no one else but yourself, thereby negatively affecting your business.

Therefore, you must not dread the idea of investing in your employees’ wellness to keep them motivated, encouraged, and make them feel safe.

Invest In Digital Marketing

We are now in the digital age, so you need to adapt to technology as a business person. Consumers are using the internet 24/7, and you need to take advantage of that fact. 

Thus, use any social media platforms to post pictures and videos about your products or services. Share promos, discounts, freebies digitally to stir up your prospective customers’ curiosity. And when you finally catch their attention and eventually try what you’re offering them and get satisfied with it, your business will surely succeed.


The pandemic is a tremendous business disruption of all time. But it doesn’t mean you’re going to allow it to bar you from pursuing your new business in the coming year. With the tips mentioned earlier, you’ll undoubtedly have the most significant break that you’ve been waiting for.