For a business to succeed, it should have a marketing plan. This will enable the business to determine the needs of its target audience and generate products and services that can satisfy those needs. A marketing plan also helps a business better understand their target audience and the industry it operates in. While there are many marketing mediums available for businesses today, some of these are expensive and don’t guarantee any positive results. Because of these, businesses opt to utilize Amazon’s FBA as their online selling platform and marketing tool. They sign up for an account, send their products to one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and let Amazon handle the packing and shipping of orders. This option can be very beneficial especially for new or small businesses that still don’t have the financial resources to pay for expensive marketing mediums.

Amazon is already a household name. Almost all people in the world knows what Amazon is and what sort of products and services they offer. As a neophyte in the business arena, it’ll take years and a lot of hard work before your business can achieve that same kind of popularity. Fortunately, this process can come off easier once you take advantage of Amazon’s FBA as your marketing tool. Here are some of the pros you’ll experience:

  1. More sales: This is one of the most obvious benefits you’ll get once you sell your products with Amazon. Because this brand has been operating for decades and already has a million customers across the world, it’ll be easy for your business to gain more sales. Customers would instantly consider a business listed under Amazon as trustworthy and credible. Plus, because you’ll be taking advantage of Amazon’s services through FBA, you can guarantee that your business will provide the best service for your customers.

2.International expansion: Selling your products in different markets can be risky and costly. You won’t have any idea if your products will actually gain customers abroad. Selling on Amazon can be a big help for your business’ international expansion. You don’t have to set up any brick-and-mortar store before you can start selling to customers living in different parts of the globe. As long as they have a stable Internet connection and a suitable device, they can visit Amazon, look for your products, and make a purchase. Amazon basically creates an easy avenue for customers to buy and for businesses to sell.

As you don’t have to invest in a physical store, your attempts for international expansion will only have negligible risks. More often than not, you will only acquire costs in setting up your own website in a language appropriate for a new market.

3.Less responsibilities: Amazon isn’t just an online platform for businesses to sell; Amazon also provides a lot of services for businesses such as Fulfillment by Amazon. As mentioned, you’ll be able to make use of Amazon’s services as your own. You’ll end up having more time to manage different aspects of your business.

4.Easy to use: Unlike other online mediums, signing up as a seller on Amazon is straightforward. All you have to do is visit their website, sign up for a new account, and start uploading your products. You can even include in your list products that can be purchased from Amazon.

The ease of use of the website doesn’t only apply to businesses but for customers, too. Amazon’s website is accessible from any device and can easily be navigated, making it convenient for customers to buy products. They’ll be guided on the steps they have to take for them to reach the checkout page.

Using Amazon’s FBA as your business’ e-commerce and marketing platform might be convenient, cheap, and accessible, but it doesn’t mean that it’s completely flawless. In fact, you’re bound to experience several cons while using it. Some of these are as follows:

1.High competition: There will always be competition in business – and selling with Amazon’s FBA is no exemption. A lot of businesses have been using this platform for years; some have even mastered the ins and outs of FBA. If you’re eyeing to use this platform, make sure that you’re not doing it the same way as other businesses do. Instead, create and implement strategies that will make your products stand out. You can look into your competitor’s product varieties, pricing, marketing strategies, and gimmicks and use this information as a benchmark.


2.Marketplace fees: All of the benefits you can experience from Amazon don’t come for free – you actually have to pay for it. This is one of the major setbacks you’ll experience when using Amazon. You might be increasing your customer base and brand visibility by using this platform, but with the fees being deducted every time you make a sale, you cannot fully enjoy the fruits of your labor.

3.Limited control: Sure, selling your products and marketing your business using Amazon might be beneficial for you, but keep in mind that these platforms weren’t solely created for that purpose; these marketplaces were actually established primarily to benefit the marketplace itself, not just businesses like yours. This means that once you use this platform, your ability to interact with customers and brand your business might be limited. Before signing up for an Amazon account, consider these factors and look at the bigger picture. Consider using other resources such as journal review pros & cons for this purpose.

More Effort, More Success

Effectively marketing your business and offerings can be tough, but there are several strategies that you can use to make this task lighter and easier. If you think selling on Amazon using FBA is apt for your business needs, go ahead and sign up for an account. Aside from weighing its pros and cons, make sure that you’re also exerting effort in coming up with high-quality products and that you properly engage with your customers. The amount of effort you put in into your marketing will affect the success you’ll experience in the future.