10 Reasons Why Every Business Needs SEO in 2020


People who tried to promote their businesses online or the ones in the digital marketing sector are all familiar with word SEO. But there are still many who do not know what SEO is. Even if some business owners know about it they fail to understand its significance. Business owners often ignore SEO as they feel it is not necessary for their business growth. Only if they knew the benefits of SEO they would start treating their businesses in a totally different manner.

SEO which is short for search engine optimization indicates the extent of quality of content and quantity of traffic for a website. SEO is the exercise of increasing organic traffic for a website by providing content that is most relevant for a user’s query. What is organic traffic? Organic traffic is the traffic generated by normal search engine results. It is also the traffic that is generated without paying for ads.

The website traffic generated through these means helps a business to establish itself as a genuine and reliable brand in the market. Nowadays every business has its own website trying to promote itself online. But what is the point of having a website if a normal internet user does not see it while searching for something related to your business?

Here’s the compilation of 10 reasons why every business, small or large needs SEO in 2020.

SEO builds trust

When people search for something using a search engine they always look for the site that is most visited. The most visited sites are obviously the ones that are on the top of search results. More than 53% of all clicks on search engine results are of the first page. When a website ranks as the first or second result in a search engine the users automatically gravitate towards it. This is because people have a perception that the results that are on the top of a web page are associated with top brands.  The higher the rank the more credibility your business gets. A higher ranking search result means you have a good web presence. This helps your business to gain trust from the visitors even if they do not purchase any good the first time.

SEO is a long-term business strategy

Getting your website to the top of search engine results is a time-consuming process. One has to strategize relentlessly to get their website to rank number one. But once you reach the top it will become difficult to rank you lower. This is because it takes a lot of effort to create an article that satisfies a search engine’s parameters to rank first among all of its data related to the same topic. It is even more difficult now as there are more businesses that are online then there were a decade ago. Only an SEO company with the best strategies and practices is able to achieve this feat. If you are able to get to the top your website stays there for a long time.

Increases social media following

SEO helps in increasing the visibility of your business on social media which in turn helps in boosting your website’s organic traffic. Social media and SEO support each other to get more popularity to your business. A website that ranks higher is more likely to be used by people to purchase something. The users who buy something from a website might want to follow it on social media if they like the services offered by it. For example, if someone buys an iPhone they start following the apple page on their social media platforms. Customers do this as they feel associated with the brand and want to know about its other products in case they want to buy something else.

Increases purchases

A customer is more likely to buy something from a website on the first page of search results. The number of purchases made from websites on the second or third page is almost zero. Statistics show that 70% of retailers say that SEO is the most effective way of increasing sales compared to PPC. Creating a website with information that is most likely to answer the queries of a common user is the key to increasing its visibility to the user. Once you understand your audience it is easy to provide them with the information they want. The moment a consumer is satisfied with the given information he will be inclined to make a purchase.

SEO is cheaper than paid advertisements

PPC is a paid advertising strategy where a company has to pay a certain amount of money for every click it gets. The company has to pay this to the search engine owners as it projects the advertiser’s website at the top of the search result. Whereas the traffic generated by SEO is free. When done right SEO offers the same benefits as paid advertisements. It puts your business at the forefront of potential customer’s preferences without investing money.

SEO is proven to increase ROI

ROI (return on investment) shows the profit or loss that occurred to a company on a certain investment. Many companies try to do SEO on their own or they outsource it to a professional agency. What they do not understand is that it takes some time for the results to show. SEO increases the click-through rate of your websites which means your website is getting more traffic. As the traffic increases, you will gradually see growth in sales which results in an increase in ROI.

Most consumers go for organic search results

The simplest reason to invest in SEO is that most of the customers go for top results that are not paid advertisements. Studies show that more than 67% of the clicks go to the top three search engine results. This happens because an average user wants to get the result as soon as possible. The pages that are on the top instantly gives assurance to the customers that they are dealing with an established brand. It also means that more people have visited your website and liked your services.

Internet aids businesses more than any other industry

The Internet has changed the way of running businesses forever. Before the inception of the internet, people could only sell their products in the local areas. The means of advertising them were also minimal. A newspaper ad, flyers, banners, and television were the only sources of advertisement. The rise of the internet has given a whole new dimension to commerce. Today any firm small or large can sell its products on the internet to anyone in your country or across the world. In order for that to happen your business website has to be on top search results which can be done through SEO.

SEO gives you a competitive edge over your peers

In the world of business, there is always competition to generate more sales than other companies. In today’s world, each business irrespective of its scale has a website. They use these websites to manage their business activities. If someone wants to sell more products than their competitors all they have to do is to rank higher than them. This makes users consider your business more than others. The advantage of SEO is it allows you to compete with bigger companies to acquire a larger market share.

Better SEO indicates a better user experience

The user experience also plays a major role in search engine rankings. The sites that offer the best user experience are the ones that rank higher. For a website to rank higher it must have a user-friendly design. Google has already announced that its primary focus is on the websites that are designed for mobile. This is important as 60% of all internet users use their mobile to research about the products and services they want. A site that contains simple relevant information along with images and videos improves organic traffic to your website.


Implementing SEO is not as easy as it may sound, given the amount of data on the internet and the number of guidelines one needs to follow. But the end results of it are equally satisfying. The heavy usage of keywords is not the way to rank higher. The companies associated with Google had taken a huge hit after its ranking algorithms were updated. More than keywords one has to consider the intent of users query to rank higher on search results. Once you accomplish this your business website will see exponential growth in both traffic and sales.