5 Careers Without Moving From Your Couch


5 Careers Without Moving From Your Couch

Stay-at-home mom? Out-of-work college grad? Or maybe you’re interested in a side career for that coveted second income stream. But–and it’s a bigbut–you want to be able to do it from the comfort of your couch. Only within the last 10 to 15 years has this door been opened wide for anyone with a laptop and an Internet connection. In an article published by ComputerWorld in 2009, they asserted that the Internet had created 1.2 million jobs worldwide. Fast forward 8 years and worldwide e-commerce transactions are about to exceed $3.5 trillion.

If you are looking to get in on the action, here are a few of your options…

  1. Teach a skill.

Are you fluent in a second language? Did you major in engineering or computer science? Can you play an instrument? Or explain complicated physics theories in easy-to-understand terms? If you have a skill that you are confident in, becoming an online tutor might be right up your alley! Perhaps your skill is more niche and not so well-known? Even better. That means you will have the corner on the market. While newbie tutors may make from $12 to $20 an hour, as your circle of students grows, your income will grow too.

  1. Start a shop.

Do you have a great product idea up your sleeve? Or perhaps you have a hobby that you have turned into a small side business but are interested in taking it one step further? From jewelry to soap, car decals to coloring pages, real people are selling directly to buyers. Heard of Etsy.com? Just one of the many places online where you can set up a storefront and begin to make a profit. Most online platforms do not charge any fees to sign up and only take a cut of whatever you sell. Which means you do not need enormous capital to get started. Put your creative hat on and get to work making that item you’ve been dying to make.

  1. Sell your design skills.

Handy with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe In Design? Know your way around Illustrator? Put together a portfolio of past work that you have done and sell yourself as a designer for hire. From book layout to logo design, businesses and individuals are in the market for reliable and creative designers. Join a freelance platform and put up a profile listing your skills, hourly fees, and past work. If you don’t have any past work to your name, design something pro bono for a friend or relative to grow your portfolio.

  1. Become a writer for hire.

Does writing come easy for you? Do you frequently find yourself dissecting others’ writing and thinking of ways you could have said it better? Why not consider becoming a copywriter for a business and write their company’s blogposts. Or become an ad writer to help describe products in enchanting ways that garner more sales. As described in the previous point, you will want to create a profile for yourself along with a showcase of the type of writing you can provide. You could also earn money by writing for yourself as a published author or by having a well-read blog.

  1. Help others with their social media accounts.

For those who are excessively skilled at everything related to social media, we have got good news for you. Social media consultants are in ever-increasing demand. Keeping up with all the updates that each platform institutes can be hard for business owners to deal with. Not to mention knowing what kind of strategy will work on one platform, but not another. If you are social media savvy and know how to put together killer campaigns, then this job could be what you wished for.

The next time you are toying with quitting your day job, consider these 5 careers that you can do from the safety of your house and the comfort of your couch.