5 Important Steps to Follow When Growing a Following on Instagram


Instagram is one of the most talked-about social platforms on the internet today. Well Facebook continues to lose subscribers and be in the news for all of their privacy policy on personal information leakage, Instagram is where more users are heading than ever before.

As funny as it is, Instagram is loved by millions of users, but most of them don’t realize that it’s also owned by Facebook. Actually, this is what makes Facebook a genius. They knew this platform was going to be huge before it did, and they spent a billion dollars on acquiring it right when it first started gaining traction.

However, there are some big differences between Instagram and Facebook. The first thing that Instagram is mainly targeted towards a mobile audience and using only visual content. Another is that Instagram automation tactics have made it a lot easier for individuals and brands to compete with larger agencies when it comes to growth and scalability.

 If you aren’t actively growing your brand and reach on Instagram, these are five steps you need to follow to make sure you are on the right path for success.

1 – Have a Great Profile Name and Profile Pic

One first creating your account, it’s important to come up with a great username and also have a professional picture. The picture on your account is going to be the first thing people see, and they will also notice your username as well.

Since Instagram doesn’t let you have any links within your content, you will also be allowed to provide one of them in your bio area. Make sure this is a high-quality link and not one that looks spammy, otherwise nobody will click on it.

2 – Follow Your Competitors

For businesses and Brands using Instagram, one of the best things you can do is follow your competitors and see what type of content they are creating. This is important not only to keep an eye on the type of content they are creating, but also how they might be serving advertisements through the platform as well.

Advertising on Instagram is one of the most effective ways to reach new audiences, and we will touch on this later in the article.

3 – Use Hashtags Wisely to Reach New Audiences

While Twitter and Facebook both use  hashtags on their platform, they are most popular on Instagram. As mentioned earlier, Instagram doesn’t allow for much text content or the sharing of URLs. So when someone is searching for content on the platform, they are often going to use hashtags. Such hashtags can also help make you famous in the process.

Adding hashtags to each of your social updates their Instagram is one of the best ways to reach audiences around the world, and also making sure they are targeted in the same time. Using hashtags based around trending events are popular topics is always a good idea.

4 – Add Instagram Video Content into the Mix

Instagram is all about visual content and with millions of updates going live on the platform every few seconds, you’re going to need to grab the attention of people who might be scrolling past your content. Images are great, but  video content often works even better. It’s also a great way to get people to subscribe to your channel and also spend more than 30 seconds watching your content, versus just looking at an image and then scroll light on.

Using video content is also a great way to stand out from the crowd. Your competition is likely using a lot of static images in their Instagram marketing efforts, but video is what really gets the most time and engagement from online audiences.

5 – Try Running Stories and Videos Ads on Instagram

If you are doing any type of business on the internet, then you should be advertising through Instagram and their video ads and video stories. Just like Facebook ads has become one of the most powerful advertising platforms on the internet today, they have done the same thing with Instagram —  you can actually run your Instagram advertisements right to the Facebook ads platform.

With more people using their mobile device to access the internet and consume information from others on social media, advertising on Instagram is simply one of the best ways to go.

As you can see, Instagram is growing in size daily and for businesses and brands that are using it to their advantage, they are also going to be growing in size as well. If you aren’t already active on Instagram, make sure that you follow these steps and take advantage of the opportunity that lies before you today.

It’s only a matter of time before a new social platform pushes Facebook and Instagram to the side and becomes a new hot trend, so take advantage of Instagram and his popularity while it’s still at the peak of its game.