5 Key Techniques To Have A Successful FBA Amazon Business


If you want to grow a successful business, you have to extend your reach in the market whatever your business model is. For sure, you have considered e-commerce as a way to expand your business endeavors, and it is certain that an FBA business has crossed your path.

The Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA is genuinely an attractive structure as it allows a business to scale and reach more consumers. This structure enables you to store your merchandise or products in Amazon fulfillment or distribution centers. Amazon then picks, packs, ships, and provides customer service for your products. Indeed it’s a remarkable method to run your business. But, some enterprises still fail this process due to multiple reasons.

You don’t have to tackle all of those reasons one at a time to prepare yourself and your business. Instead of wondering, adapt these fundamental techniques to your practices to have a successful FBA Amazon business.

1.Know your business numbers.


As an FBA business owner, you should always find time to use the Amazon revenue calculator to determine whether selling specific products through Amazon is cost effective after factoring the fees and expenses. An important metric that you should observe is your adjusted gross margin. Your adjusted gross margin should be between 15 to 20%.

Track everything from the start of your business. It is advisable to use multiple tracking sources to guarantee that your business decisions are from accurate data.

The lack of tracking or keeping records will make it hard for you to gauge how your business runs. The internet provides hundreds of tracking software that you can use.

2.Exploit your strengths.

 It is not recommended to invest in a business that you have minimal interest in the services or products on sale. Even if that business is very profitable, it is best that you invest in where your passion lies.

Being passionate about what you’re selling will give you an advantage. Having a passionate partner to prepare your products to Amazon, like FBABEE.COM, can provide you with leverage. Your partners, connections, or employees must share the same passion in what you’re selling. In this manner, your business will grow as a team.

3.Build a website or platform.

 As a business person, your vision is looking for a long-term engagement. Soon, your business will convince you to set up your very own website as it will help you in three ways:

  • Having your presence in the web can enable your business to have its direct online searches. This process will prevent customer traffic to be absorbed by Amazon alone. Your website will also allow your business to grow as a separate channel while benefiting from the FBA model.
  • Earn affiliate commission using your corporate website. Using your site, link your products on Amazon and get around 5 to 10% commission which will increase your revenue.
  • Your website can perform email capture. Getting the email addresses of your clients and recording them can help you later in your sales funnel.

Email is a valuable element as it is an excellent source of traffic, especially in the long run. You can do email marketing campaigns or send email newsletters to update your clients with your latest offering.

4.Manage the Best Sellers Rank.

 The Best Sellers Rank or BSR is a calculation based on Amazon sales to reflect the sales of the items sold on the market. Optimize the BSR by analyzing your competitors’ ranking. If it’s hard for you to match your competitor’s BSR, it is advisable for you to change products or look for something that has low competition.

This technique will allow you to increase your rank by outselling the competitors. To add, never give your customers a reason to lower your product rate.

5.Go for paid advertising.

 Paid advertising will give you immediate traction on the market. The trick here is to run tests, plenty of tests. Even if you believe that you know your business like the back of your hand, it can still surprise you. Conduct different tests across your sales funnel.

  • Test the creative on your adverts can lower CPC.

 The Cost Per Click or CPC, also called Pay Per Click or PPC, is a method that websites use to bill based on the frequency that a customer clicks on an advertisement.

Consumers see the advertisement’s image first before the copy. By testing your ad’s image and text, you’ll be able to redistribute ad costs to focus more on the process of audience testing.

  • Use the email addresses your website has collected over time for retargeting.

Responses through your campaigns will help you determine the client behavior which will then help you analyze the next direction of your products.

Managing an FBA business requires dedication and a bit of hard labor. The real action starts when it leaves the ground. Challenges will come and go, and you need to brace and arm yourself with the right set of tools and information and set yourself for success.