5 Ways to Earn Money in Brazil Online


Remote working was becoming increasingly popular before 2020, but the pandemic saw a seismic shift in the way many people worked. Although many people have returned to their former work patterns, many more have continued to work from home.

Science Direct reports that there are 20,889,687 potential remote workers in Brazil. This represents around 10% of the total population of the country.

Apart from the full-time employees working from home, there are also millions of people that wish to work independently in this way. The issue is finding the right type of employment online.

What are the advantages of working this way, and what are the ways you can earn money online in Brazil today? 

Why work online?

Many individuals have discovered that there are significant advantages to being able to work remotely. For a start, it can allow the worker to enjoy traveling while also working at the same time. Other advantages include time saved on commutes, a better balance between home life and work, and cost savings.

Health is also a factor, and according to Psychological Science, remote workers can benefit from an emotional calm, an uplift in mental wellness, and even improved job satisfaction.

The key though is finding remote work that can pay, and suit the individual. There are plenty of options to work online today, but here are five you may want to consider. 

Get paid to answer questions

One way to work casually from home and earn some extra money is to fill out surveys. These surveys range in size, as do the rewards. Often payments will be made through PayPal once a qualifying level has been reached, or in gift certificates.

If you are looking to make money online to support yourself then this isn’t the best option. If you want to work in a relaxed way with hours to suit yourself then you can make some extra bucks this way.

Plenty of examples of this type of work can be seen on websites such as befreela.com or by searching on Google for paid surveys.

Translating online

If you are fluent in English (or another language), as well as Portuguese, you could be in line for a translation position.

There are many opportunities online for translators, and depending on what languages you speak, write, and read, you could be in a position to make money online this way. 


Similarly, there are also many positions available for proofreading, and editing works online. The work involved can vary wildly, as can the rewards.

If you happen to have knowledge in a niche area, you could find yourself in a very good position to work remotely. Possessing knowledge around science, medicine, or the law could see you being able to earn a good salary online.

The median salary for an online proofreader is over 50,000 USD per year according to salary.com. With the financial benefits from not having to commute, this makes proofreading, or editing, very attractive propositions. 

Make your own online courses

If you want to make money and truly be independent then you need to work for yourself. If you have a passion for teaching and also possess skills or qualifications in certain areas, you could teach online.

Normally this means remote teaching, and usually, it would be English as a second language. However, there is another option. Online courses are very popular now, especially with travel being so heavily restricted in recent times.

Designing your own online courses and then selling them is a genuine possibility. It would take time to build up awareness of your product so you shouldn’t expect to get rich overnight. You would also need to be qualified and knowledgeable in your chosen areas.

There are some must-have soft skills to succeed as a remote worker, but to teach you will need to have some hard qualifications. 

Sell products online

This is one proven route that many people take, and it can be done in many ways. There is almost sure to be one way that you can sell items online and make some cash.

Many people start by decluttering their homes and selling unloved items on auction sites. This is great for getting a few extra R$ but isn’t a sustainable option.

Another way is to consider dropshipping. This involves you marketing various products and receiving payment while a third-party supplier fulfills the order. The benefit here is that you never have to hold stock, you just receive a small profit on every order you take.

Thirdly, you could sell your own products. Websites such as Etsy allow Brazilians to sell their own homemade crafts and arts. So, if you are creative, this may be a realistic option to earn money online. 


Everyone interested in home working wants to know the easy ways to find remote jobs. It can take a while to discover the right position online, just as it can in the real world.

To make things simpler, decide what you want to achieve financially. Is it a few extra bucks, or do you want to make a living? This will help you to cut out various work options.

Consider how committed you wish to be too. Do you want to put in a few hours a week, or be at the computer full-time? Once you have these answers, you will be able to narrow your search to casually filling in surveys, or working full-time as a proofreader, or something else.