9 Tech Tools That Can Help You Get More from Your Employees


Are you looking to maximize the productivity of your business? Have you considered how tech can take your company to the next level? Incorporating digital tools into your management system will help you get the most out of employees, and shouldn’t make much of a dent in your budget. A few accessible services will simplify day-to-day tasks, enhance office wellbeing, and encourage employee autonomy—all things a successful business wants to cultivate. To get you on the right path, follow these simple tips.

Share Information

It’s essential for your employees to stay informed about the goings-on at work. Transparency fosters trust, so it’s essential to keep everyone in the loop. Create a centralized database of all projects, with progress tracking and easy-to-use interfaces. This improves your company’s image and your relationship with your employees because they’ll feel that they can better keep track of their work. While emails are still widely used, adopting a company messaging service will facilitate communication between departments and personnel. They will appreciate the ability to easily chat about projects and deadlines, and department heads won’t have to micromanage as much when everyone can directly communicate with each other.

Online Conferencing

In an increasingly globalized world, you may not be available for every in-person meeting. This shouldn’t stop you from chatting with clients or with your fellow employees. Invest in web-conferencing software that will connect your teams throughout the company and abroad. This kind of tech will make it easier to expand your business across different time zones and to make remote employees feel closer to the in-house team.

Ongoing Training

To promote creativity, do not skimp on development opportunities. Investing in state-of-the-art training will boost your employees’ skills and serve both their individual trajectories and the company’s larger goals. Not only will current employees appreciate the opportunity to learn, but potential employees will also be attracted by a company that invests in the continued education of their team. To that end, consider offering online courses and workshops to develop professional expertise even further.

Performance Assessment

Offer your workforce the possibility to self-evaluate their performance within the company. Use an app or computer program to give them the tools to keep track of and critique their own work. Studies have shown that when given the opportunity to self-regulate, employees step up to the plate. It’s a win-win; both your company and your employees will benefit from regular performance assessments so everyone is happy with the trajectory of the company.


Remember to give employees something exciting to work toward. A financial bonus is, traditionally, a good motivator. But don’t be afraid of thinking outside the box. Look up aura photography equipment for sale so each employee can have fun discovering the color and meaning of their own personal aura. Or perhaps go a more traditional route and take a day off work where the whole team goes on a fun scavenger hunt around town. Keeping employees motivated by offering periodic rewards will increase overall productivity and decrease turnover rates.

News Review

When it comes to your business, you should keep your employees up-to-speed on all things technological, social, and even political. Newspapers are a thing of the past. Update to an online bulletin to deliver the news more quickly. Set up an algorithm to gather all relevant information and send a targeted news review to your employees. This will ensure a motivated and knowledgeable workforce, which gives you an edge over your competitors.

Feedback Forms

Leadership is a two-way street: you must clearly communicate your needs, but you must also hold the space for employees to express their own. Listening to your employees is the foundation of sound and sustainable management. The opportunity to express your opinion is at the heart of feeling valued, so it’s important to incorporate a feedback form on your company database to encourage communication across the board. Enabling a dialogue between the workforce and management means all voices are heard and everyone feels invested in the growth of the company.

On-Device AI

These days, the hot topic in office management is artificial intelligence. Devices come personalized to help employees work smarter. Facial recognition and smart battery conservation are just some of the features that will boost productivity. Plus, having a central interface to automate repetitive tasks such as logging in and publishing content will make your life and that of your employees much easier.

Simply put, a tech-savvy company means happier employees. Your company will run smoother and look great on the job market. Invest in your business today and make the most of the tech tools available to you.