9 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Business Phone Number


Your business phone number could be an excellent marketing tool. Unfortunately, many people don’t see it that way. Well, integrated marketing campaigns are not easy, especially for small businesses. While many entrepreneurs are experts in the products/service they sell, most of them are not expert marketers. Pitching your business is difficult. You’ll work extra hard on the opportunity to tell your story. As such, getting your business out there becomes challenging

But your business phone number can help you generate leads and bring you a step closer to making a sale. Sadly, many people don’t spend time choosing their business’s phone number. This number if chosen wisely and correctly can help generate massive leads. Here are nine known ways to make the most out of your business phone number.

1. Better Your Marketing Effectiveness

Many people spend time on social media, chats, and emails. There’s therefore no denying that these channels are becoming increasingly important for companies to market themselves. But, telephone support remains essential for all customers. Consumers prefer engaging with businesses via calls. That’s because they’re more understood, get faster results and they don’t get pre-written responses. Therefore, having a great phone number can easily market your business.

2. Make More Profits

Well, every business wants to make profits. As such, merchants often look for ways they can reduce their expenses as much as possible. However, the majority of business phone numbers are highly-priced. But, thanks to the availability of custom numbers, you can get yours from as low as $99. Plus, businesses that prefer toll-free numbers can get a shared model which they can use to secure a memorable number but only pay for their specific service area. With these numbers, calls are routed automatically, depending on the caller’s location at the time of their call.

3. Generate More Leads

Entrepreneurs can use phone calls for lead generation. Well, many people are reluctant when it comes to answering calls for different reasons. However, whenever your business phone rings, that’s an opportunity for growing your business. Recent research by New Voice Media concluded that many Americans prefer contacting a business via phone and not email. Phone calls can help you connect with prospects. Plus, they allow entrepreneurs to build brand loyalty with existing clients. As such, your business grows.

4. Serve as Call to Actions

What’s the use of having an excellent landing or homepage or marketing content if there’s no call to action? In most cases, merchants create online forms for collecting emails or for sign-ups. However, a phone number gives visitors a great alternative to traditional forms that are tiring. It’s thus essential that you add your number on landing pages, blogs or even whitepapers. You’re likely to get several calls every week from qualified leads if you do this.

5. Phone Numbers Are Timeless

Every business needs a well-designed website. But, as much as websites can generate visitors and turn them into customers, they need to be rebuilt every few years. Website designs are ever-changing. Therefore, your website needs rebuilding after some time to keep up with trends. However, your phone number is memorable. And no matter how long it has been used, it’ll remain relevant. They never go out of style. So, a customer can call you five years from now using the same number and you can still assist them.

6. Empowers Referrals

An excellent salesforce is one that’s made up of satisfied customers you’ve worked with over the years. If you offer high-quality products/services, a client can easily refer your business to their friends, acquaintances or family. Referrals are a great marketing tool as they help a business grow faster. If you are doing a great job, and customers trust you, make it easy for them to recommend your business with a memorable phone number.

7. Improved Conversion Rate

Although many people search online for products or services, those who contact a company via phone have a high likelihood of converting to revenue. Phone calls can convert prospects to loyal customers. Studies say that they have a higher conversion rate than web clicks.

8. Outshine Your Competitors

Calls give you a direct opportunity to outshine your competitor. If you can stand out and capture the attention of your target audience using your eye-catching phone number, you can dominate your competitors. A visually pleasing phone number acts as your secondary logo. It can, therefore, be an added marketing tool. Plus, when a customer calls, you can use that opportunity to convince them why you’re the best in the market.

9. Inspire Trust

We are living in an age where every customer has access to thousands of online shops. As a result, trust is increasingly important in all buying stages. Now, since most startups don’t start as an already established brand, getting new buyers can be difficult. But, displaying your phone number on your website can help build trust. The fact that consumers know which number to dial whenever they want to reach you, that’s a huge plus.

Final Thoughts

Business phone numbers will never be outdated. They’re becoming more important in this digital age. Remember that potential customers love businesses that respond to their calls. Inbound calls can grow your business more than web visits. Therefore, one should invest in a phone number for their business immediately.