Monday, July 15, 2019

Outsourcing vs. Insourcing Your IT support

Information technology needs are among the most commonly outsourced non-core business functions. Frequently outsourced IT services are application/software development, web development/hosting, infrastructure, technical support, database development/management, application support/management, and telecommunications. In the...

Gear up your Help Desk using some technique

It is extremely hard to predict the future especially for MSPs and Service desk experts who emphasize fulfilling their client’s daily needs. It has always been a challenging task for MSPs...

The Business Plan for L1 Visa Application of New Office Opening in US

The Intra Firm Transferee (L1) Visa is a main approval that allows a business to take monitoring ability from an associated consular service to United States center or to develop a...

Guide Scoping PCI DSS

Any business that accepts credit cards online for good or services rendered needs to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). PCI DSS comprises of several guidelines that...

Vendor Risk Management-What Is It?

The integration of technology on the operations of any business has become the hallmark of success. However, this development has exposed enterprises to substantial risks thus making it necessary to invest...

Risk Tolerance & Risk Appetite

Even though risk tolerance and risk appetite are used interchangeably in most cases, they are different from one another by a certain degree. With many standards and regulations focusing on the...

8 Industries Being Completely Disrupted by AI Right Now

AI Industries: 8 Industries Being Completely Disrupted Right Now Artificial intelligence could well usher in the next industrial revolution. Here are 8 AI industries being completely disrupted by this emerging technology. Do you...

How to Assure Safe Browsing on the Internet

The internet, while giving our society so much value, can also be a place of many dangers that can befall you if you’re not careful. Land on the wrong website and...

How Are Returns on Mutual Funds Calculated?

Mutual funds are a rewarding investment option although they depend on market conditions as well. Calculation of mutual fund returns and comparison using performance tools will help investor to choose the...

Making Your Networking More Efficient

 Throughout the ages networking has been one of the most effective ways to gain and maintain business.  Doing so opens the doors to partnerships that can be incredibly profitable and indispensable...
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