Digital Marketing Solutions in Portland: What you Should Know


If you run a business that is based in Portland Oregon, you will no doubt have a lot of competition from other local companies and this should make you strive to get ahead of the pack, so to speak. Getting your message out there is obviously a priority and the best way to achieve maximum exposure is to enlist the help of a local digital marketing agency.

Why use a digital marketing agency?

Some business owners would say they engage an agency because all of their competitors do and while that might be true, there are better reasons to hire such an organization; when you contact King Kong Agency in Portland, they carry out an online audit to determine the strength of your digital profile. They help you to formulate specific goals and targets, then they create a dynamic plan that outlines how to achieve the campaign goals and targets.

Social media marketing in Portland

This is the most productive of all digital media and if you join forces with a professional Facebook marketing team, the only way is up. If you are not dedicating some of your resources towards generating a strong social media following, this should be a priority in 2022, as it does make a difference when it comes to sales. 

Pay per click advertising in Portland

Google Ads is the global leader of the pay per click advertising world and if you are thinking about a pay per click campaign, enlist the help of a professional team of PPC marketers, who can ensure you get the best ROI. There are many variables with this form of advertising and without the help of an experienced team, you would struggle to create a winning campaign. Here are a few tips for creating backlinks.

Performance based industry

Digital marketing is a performance-based sector and an agency’s client list is a reflection of their reputation and should contain some very well-known names. Finding a digital marketing agency with experience in your sector is definitely recommended, as they would already know the market well, which gives you a head start. 

Creating a digital marketing plan

This is the first stage, after the agency has carried out an online audit, which enables them to compile an aggressive and on-point digital marketing plan; should the client approve that, the plan can be implemented. 

A typical digital marketing plan would consist of:

  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Link-building
  • Blogging
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Content marketing

The act of assessing your online profile and creating a digital marketing plan is free and without obligation; indeed, some business owners approach several agencies to compare strategies and prices, which is a great way to see what is possible. 

There are a lot of US government resources dedicated to marketing and they can help you gain an insight into this complex world. There are leading SEO agencies in Portland that have what it takes to turn your business around and the best place to start your quest for such an agency is a Google search.