Dress up when planning for promotional campaigns

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No matter how mature, responsible, and respectable the adult, somewhere deep inside is an inner child that is thrilled to watch a superhero movie, blow bubbles, or spend time coloring. There is nothing wrong with enjoying life in a more innocent and carefree way and it is something companies should keep in mind when they are trying to determine the best promotional items for their brand.

Dress Up

Halloween remains a beloved tradition for adults as well as children. You will often see employers encouraging their employees to use the day to express their creativity and dress up. Friends will go out disguised as their alter ego and parents will take advantage of the holiday to create elaborate costumes to wear when they take their children out. All of these occur because even as adults, people relish taking the opportunity to escape from their mundane life and pretend to be someone else if only for a little while.

No matter what your brand, it is possible to leverage this element of dress up when planning for promotional campaigns. By purchasing superhero capes in bulk, you can help facilitate the escape from the ordinary to the extraordinary for your workers or clients. You can choose a plain cape in your brand colors or have them customized with a company logo. This adds a fun element that won’t easily be tossed aside like a keychain or pen.

Flights of Fancy

Who doesn’t love to blow bubbles or spend a little meditative time coloring with crayons? These aren’t only great activities for children of all ages, they are also fanciful fun for adults who want to take the time to reconnect with their inner child. When you choose promotional items that help them do this effectively it will make a lasting impression.

Blowing bubbles is one of the simple pleasures in life that many people forget they enjoy until they suddenly encounter a child blowing bubbles. While it is true that this is a consumable that the client or employee will not retain for a long period, it will make a strong impression that won’t easily be forgotten. It will also link that feeling of whimsy and delight with the brand. Coloring books and crayons or colored pencils for adults have recently gained popularity. Tapping into that need for artistic expression is a great promotional move.

Active Play

Then there are those brands that are more about active engagement than meditative down time. To reflect those values while also promoting the exploration and wonder of childhood, it is important to remain focused on more active play activities such as flying a kite, hula hooping, or playing catch. Really, any activity that encourages activity in a playful manner will work for this type of promotional theme.

It is possible to have kites, hoops, balls, and mitts customized with brand colors or logos. Companies are only limited by their imagination and a willingness to think outside the box. Think about those activities children are naturally drawn to when they want to play and burn off energy and let those be your guide when choosing promotional items. Then when your audience receives them you can be assured they won’t end up in the bottom of a closet or the nearest trashcan. They will be used with friends and family members where it will promote further discussion about the brand and what it stands for.

It isn’t enough to put your logo or company name on an ordinary item and pass it out to potential customers or employees. Long gone are the days when a pocket calendar or pen were considered a thoughtful memento from a company. It is important that promotional items be unique and reflective of the company culture or something that is specifically chosen to delight and capture the imagination of the recipients. People want to know they have been thought about and that care and time went into the decision made to give them a gift, even if it is for promotional purposes. The more authentically you manage to do this as a brand, the more the item will mean to the people who receive it and the greater impact it will have on the brand’s image and customer or employee loyalty.