Everything that you need to know before you hire Firebase Developers


Are you looking to hire Firebase developers who are seasoned in building apps that put your customers in awe? Stay tuned.

Google has made our lives simpler. If you take a look around, you will find an application for every task.

Are you someone who uses mobile apps frequently?

If yes, Firebase is something you need to be aware of. Firebase is a mobile application development platform powered by Google that helps you enhance and grow your mobile apps.

In non-technical words, Google Firebase is a toolkit that provides developers with tools to help them build and revamp applications with great ease.

The days of hard-coding and taking long hours to develop an application are behind us.

Developers can leverage this platform to create a phenomenal user experience.

How can you enhance the user experience?

You can add numerous features like analytics, database, file configuration, real-time database, etc., without developing it from scratch.

Can you guess the best part?

You can scale it effortlessly, be it for 1 user or for millions.

Building applications using Firebase is a lot easier and different than conventional application development. You don’t need to work on Frontend and Backend separately.

In Firebase, the frontend invokes API’s and the Backend is responsible for most of the work.

Thus, you may also come across terms like Platform-as-a-service and Backend-as-a-service while speaking about Firebase.

What type of applications can developers create using Firebase?

Developers can build almost any type of application using Firebase. However, the choice of the operating system is constrained.

Firebase SDKs works well with iOS and Android mainly. Nevertheless, it is upgrading itself to be compatible with Web, Flutter, C++.

The FirebaseUI library helps in making the development process really straightforward by giving developers various utilities.

Do you wish to wrap your web app in Angular?

You can do it by using AngularFire easily. Want to build a game using Unity or want to create a social networking application? Firebase has your back!

Following are some of the pros of using Firebase for application development:

  1. The Firebase Authentication takes care of verifying users and letting them log in. Thus, you get secure logins and can add restrictions per user.
  2. Firebase Realtime data and Cloud Firestore provide real-time, cloud-based, NoSQL databases.
  3. Firebase hosting is an immensely secure global hosting content delivery network (CDN). It works well with delivering static content.
  4. Ready to use APIs
  5. Provides File storage that is backed up by Google Cloud Storage.

Now that you have an idea about what Firebase is and how it can help your business: let us explore the role of a Firebase Developer.

You might come across tons of listings on various websites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor having Firebase as a crucial skill requirement while hiring developers.

If you wish to hire a Firebase Developer, how much would it cost?

The salary range of a Developer with expertise in Firebase can range anywhere from $75,000 to $1,28,000 depending upon the assigned responsibilities.

What skills are a must for a Firebase developer?

The preferred qualifications to hire a Firebase Developer include:

  • Understand Google APIs and assist in troubleshooting the integration with Google Development products.
  • Experienced in working with third-party development tools, APIs and SDKs.
  • Work on fixing and improving Google product issues.

You can learn more about Firebase through their official open-source docs.

Firebase is a good option if you are looking for end-to-end, faster development with a scaling facility. Price-wise, Firebase has two plans: the free one comes with limited functionalities, while the paid plan works upon a pay per use structure.

Mobile applications are becoming more and more popular with each passing day, as maximum users spend much of their time on these devices.

Thus, it has become the need of the hour to build robust and exceptional applications. To do so, a feature-rich platform comes in handy.

Firebase has been one such platform that has won the heart of many developers across the globe. While there are many options, Firebase has been one of the leading services in the market that is available today.