How Experiential Marketing is Taking it to Extremes


As our day to day lives are made more convenient by the uses of technology, our society has no choice but to stay ahead of the trends. Companies have been experimenting with new ways to connect with consumers, and the magical world of marketing is booming with innovative methods for catching the buyer’s eye. 

Experiential marketing has become a necessary tool for brands to attract new users and generate a lasting impact on their customers. What is experiential marketing exactly? It is essentially the use of interactive experiences with the intention of engaging the consumer and making them really feel something. The goal with this kind of marketing is to inspire people to truly believe in a brand by stirring up a pot of emotions inside them. Good emotions, of course.

There are several ways to conduct experiential marketing and the advancement of technology has led to many incredible upgrades to the industry. Brands and companies now have access to a wide variety of possibilities when it comes to creating a unique interactive experience. What may have sounded like a crazy idea some fifteen years ago is not so outlandish today. 

What are experiential marketing trailers? 

One of the best ways to curate a powerful experiential marketing campaign is to take the brand out in the field. Trending events, such as music concerts, festivals, conventions, road shows, trade shows, or sports competitions, all provide the opportunity to showcase a brand in front of a massive crowd of diverse individuals. These events have become a popular way for companies to generate a major amount of attention. Like, Coachella major.

So how in the world does anyone go about making their brand stand out amongst the rest? 

One reputable option is the use of experiential marketing trailers and vehicles with specifically designed brand activations. These custom event trailers allow consumers to participate in an unforgettable experience and connect their feelings of excitement and pleasure with the brand that it’s advertising. 

Opening a mattress store? Try a mobile exhibit trailer with a virtual reality magic mattress ride! Launching a new brand of bourbon? What about an old-timey saloon on wheels that people are bound to Instagram? These specialty event trailers really allow brands to let their imagination run wild. 

The mechanics of these cutting-edge promotional vehicles can range from pretty extreme to jaw-dropping, head-turning, call all your friends to tell them extreme. And as companies compete to out-do one another in making the biggest and most memorable splash, the outcomes are becoming more and more impressive. Let’s explore the growing possibilities of these interactive experiences produced by these advanced machines known as experiential marketing trailers. 

VR And Augmented Reality 

By now, there is at least one person in every middle to upper class family that busts out those big, robotic, goofy-looking goggles at a holiday dinner party for everyone to try out and get a good laugh watching grandma bump into the wall. This new immersive technology called virtual reality, or VR, is changing the game in many different industries and experiential marketing is not the last to the race. 

Custom event trailers use virtual reality techniques to draw in consumers and provide a fun way to engage them. As a tool for brands, virtual reality can be used to simulate sales demos, training presentations, and other multi-sensory explorations of a product. This provides an opportunity to showcase a product in action without having to use any inventory. And the best part is it can be done anywhere. 


Other creative approaches that these marketing trailers are implementing into their displays to produce an elevated, memorable experience for a brand and its audience include immersive art installations and games. This tactic speaks to the participants’ do-it-yourself side and by allowing them to be a part of a brand’s story, a fond memory and connection can be established.


Experiential marketing trailers are not only technologically innovative. They can also be beautiful works of art, which ties into another incredibly important leader in marketing: social media. All social media influencers play a significant role in, well, influencing others and what they’re buying. With the right design of a promotional vehicle, a brand can achieve the perfect backdrop for people to pose in front of for a photo and share with their family and friends at the push of a button. 

Another approach might be to actually provide a photo booth on the trailer and possibly one that requires social media users to directly access your brand online to find and share their photos. This can lead to more driven traffic to your brand’s website or social media sites. 


With many mobile trailer tours and events taking place during the hot summer months, a feature worth mentioning here is air conditioning. A buyer can be easily enticed by certain everyday conveniences they might be missing while galivanting around an overcrowded event. Another advantage of a trailer that might be overlooked is Wi-Fi. A nice bathroom is always an appreciated addition as well, especially when the other option is a port-a-potty. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a brand memorable. 

The Big Screen

Err… the HUGE screen might be more appropriate. Some exhibit trailer companies can offer a design that includes an enormous screen to display brand messaging. This tactic is bound to turn heads, blow minds, and leave a lasting impression that a brand is making its mark on the scene. With the goal being to catch and keep the buyer’s attention, nothing does that better than something that resembles the world’s beloved television! 


If experiential marketing is the cup of tea, then mobile experiential marketing trailers are the heat to make it boil. Consumers are getting to enjoy more exciting experiences every day with the constant improvements being made to these custom vehicles. If a company wants their brand and its message to really stand out and make an impact, jumping on board with this kind of advertisement is a sure-fire way to do so. The possibilities are endless.