How To Choose The Best Adword Management Agency


Ahhh, the dreaded task of finding the right Adword Management agency for your business. Digital Marketing is a different beast these days, and it’s not just the top dogs putting up a fight. There are new agencies popping up every day, so we got clowns to the left of me, jokers to my right, and here I am stuck in the middle with you. 😉

 In all seriousness that is kind of what it feels like out there today, right? We’re finding new agencies every day: agencies competing on price, agencies promising the world to business owners and never delivering. It’s not hard to see why business owners are having such a hard time figuring out what real Adwords Management should look like, not to mention the fact that there’s so much marketing jargon used, and everyone seems to be speaking a lingo you don’t quite understand. So how are you meant to safely and accurately choose an Agency that manages your Google Adwords well?

In order to alleviate yourself from the woes of digital marketing flings (thought that you were onto a good thing, thought they were your dream babe, turns out it’s probably not gonna work out), there are some things you can look for to help you find a Google Ads partner that will last. One that won’t negatively drain your budget, or impact your branding. One that’s proactive, that understands you, your business, and is up-to-date in the online marketing realm.

Here are a few tactics to finding an Adwords Management Partner that will improve your bottom line.

  1. Know Your End Goal

Yep, this is one of the most important factors in finding your ideal Google Adwords Management Match. Understand what you actually want to accomplish with your advertising before seeking someone out. This way you can ensure the marketing agency you approach has the required skill set. An SEO expert probably won’t be that great at creating a website with incredible UI or UX capabilities. Similarly, a web developer probably isn’t going to give you the best return on ad spend in your Facebook Ads. It’s also important to recognise that not all services are built equal, and just because someone offers a Facebook Advertising Service, doesn’t mean that they intrinsically will be good on any other paid advertising platforms such as Google Ads, or Taboola.

Therefore if you are specifically looking for a Google Ads service then it’s best you seek Adwords Management from a certified Google Partner.

  1. Understand your budget.

 Now that you know exactly what your goals are, you need to determine what you can afford to invest in order to achieve them. When it comes to Google Ads there are generally two costs: the cost of having an expert create, monitor, manage and tweak your Google Ad Campaigns, and the cost of the budget you’re contributing to Google Ads in order for it to run.

Putting ads up on Google is not free as you need to pay Google for the property you’re renting at the top of their page. You need to discuss with your chosen AdWords management service provider what the most appropriate budget will be. This will depend on the size of your business and your Adwords goals.

This process of understanding your budget helps you to have a clearer image of what’s possible when approaching digital marketers. Different agencies have different barriers to entry. Some agencies only offer a minimum of $10k per month management retainers, and $10k ad spends. Knowing what you can afford helps you determine which agencies will be the most suitable fit for you.

  1. Find a partner with experience specific to your industry

 AdWords Management Agencies who have knowledge of your type of business and your industry will already thoroughly understand the pain points, target audience, competition and marketplace associated with your line of work. Therefore they’ll know the needs, concerns, expected CPAs and the ideal budget for your business.

Not only that, the fact that they’ve worked in your industry (with ideally long term clients) shows that they’re now marketing experts for your industry. They know what it takes and how to achieve the results you need to experience real growth.

  1. Loyalty & Commitment are Crucial

 When it comes to relationships, business relationships are no different. Successful B2B relationships require consistent and open communication between both parties. Communicating often is key to maintaining a healthy and positive relationship with an AdWords Agency. It’s important you seek out marketing agencies who role model these similar values. How have they been in the lead up since your enquiry? How quick are they to respond to an email? Do they answer the phone every time? Better yet, do they take the initiative to call you and check in? These little factors are telltale signs of what’s to come.

This lets you know whether or not they’ll proactively communicate with you every week, whether they’ll keep you in the loop with their work and your advertising campaign outcomes. Whether they’ll be honest with the results. In order for a healthy relationship to exist and be maintained, there needs to be open communication and commitment. Regardless of the fact you’re not their only client, they should make you feel like you are.

Ultimately, having a partnership in place that’s built on trust, respect, understanding and adequate experience is the recipe for true Adwords Management success – if they offer you the world before they even know what you’re selling, they probably aren’t being all that honest, or they aren’t as experienced as they think they are. Smart marketing businesses are meticulous and they won’t make promises they’re not certain they can keep. They’ll do their due diligence. They’ll warn you of the risks, and they’ll take their time.

If you have found yourself at a point in your business where adding an advertising agency for marketing seems like the next logical step for growth, follow these guidelines to find the right agency for you.