How to move your office supplies with ease


Moving an office can be just as complicated as moving a house. Some people claim that moving an office, whether a big company or just a startup, is even more difficult. You have to organize your employees, make sure that the business is not affected, worry about all your clients, find movers, and pay attention to every single office supply that has to be moved to a new location. But, in order to expand, grow, and pave the way for future improvements, moving is inevitable. But, do not worry! There are many ways to move your office supplies with ease, in no time and without breaking your bank. So, if you are interested in some time and money-saving tips for moving your business, keep on reading!

Start Planning Ahead of Time

When it comes to moving office supplies and commercial relocations, it is of key importance to start planning for it ahead of time. First, plan everything by yourself, and then schedule a couple of staff meetings. It is very important to share every detail of the move with your employees. They, just as you, need time to prepare for the move. Then set a budget and a moving date. After doing that, it would be a good idea to consider the type of move you want. That is, will you move your office supplies by yourself, or will you hire a moving agency to do that. Yes, having a DIY kind of a move is a cheaper option, but it is time and energy-consuming, and in some cases, it can be very risky as you might damage some of your office supplies. So, consider all of these things as soon as you decide to move. Preparation is the key to moving your office supplies with ease.

Clean and Declutter

In most cases, people do not need half of the things they have laying around the office. Some office equipment and gadgets might not be working, some furniture might be broken, and there are probably all sorts of documents that you do not even need anymore. So, when you have some free time, go through all your office supplies and think about what should be moved, and what should be left behind. Bear in mind that commercial relocation does not come cheap. If you have a lot of stuff, you will need more packing supplies, a bigger truck and more people to work on moving everything. Basically, the more stuff you have, the costlier the move will be. That is why you must clean and declutter every corner of your office. Remove everything that is broken, outdated and completely useless. Also, this step is mandatory if you plan on moving your office to another state. Of course, office supplies can be moved across the country, but that comes with a hefty price tag.

Gather Packing Materials

So, after the moving date is set, and you have cleaned and decluttered your entire office space, you must gather packing materials. In order to move your business to a new office, you must be prepared. You will need to buy cardboard boxes and plastic bins, packing paper, moving blankets for gadgets and electronics,  and different kind of organizers for your paperwork and documents. Also, do not forget to buy tape, scissors, and permanent markers. All of these things can be bought at a supermarket, stationery shop, hardware store or at a moving company. Moreover, bear in mind that getting proper packing materials is crucial to having a successful commercial relocation. You can not cut corners on this one. Invest in good quality packing materials, and you will be able to move your office supplies with ease and in a safe manner.

Schedule a Staff Meeting and Assign Tasks

As previously mentioned, you must inform your employees about every step of the move. This is important in order for everybody to stay organized and on track. Also, it is a good idea to involve everybody in the process of relocation. So, when you schedule a staff meeting, consider assigning roles. Just think about it. If everybody packs all the office supplies from their own desk, cubicle or an office, you will be able to save a lot of money and time. You can provide everybody with packing materials, and if possible a day off for finishing all the packing. Do not burden your employees with packing office furniture, as those things can be really heavy and bulky. Leave that to the professional movers. Also, if each employee packs his or her own office supplies, you will be able to avoid all the hustle and bustle on the first day. And, you will be able to continue where you left in no time.

Hire Professionals

Hopefully, you understood the article and realized what a big project moving office supplies can be. However, some owners want to save some money and they start doing everything by themselves. If you have a lot of time on your hands, yes, that is possible. But if you have to run your company, deal with employees, clients, and services, be sure that DIY kind of relocation will affect your business. What is more, you might lose some customers and consumers as well. So, save yourself from all of that trouble and hire a professional moving company. Make sure to hire reputable movers as they will be taking care of packing supplies, packing,and unpacking, loading and unloading their moving truck. Also, they will pack everything properly so you will not have to worry about the safety of your office supplies. And, most importantly, they will make it possible for you to run your company and for your employees to do their job. So, by hiring professional movers to move your office supplies, you will not have to worry about this commercial relocation affecting your business.