How to Pick The Right Team-Building Activity For your Company

team building

If you were to Google “team-building activities” the search results would present a seemingly endless list of entries suggesting everything from laser tag and paintball to murder mysteries and office games. The overwhelming assortment of options may have you feeling understandably overwhelmed.

Deciding on which team-building activity will appeal to your employees can feel a lot like a gamble that may backfire. However, the following steps will help you determine the most suitable team-building activity for your organization.

Step 1 – Evaluate Your Team

Before selecting an activity, take these attributing factors such as age, physical fitness, and potential health risks that should be taken into consideration regarding the members of your team. Although paintball might seem like a great idea and appeal to you, some members of your team might not particularly enjoy or be able to keep up with such a fast-paced activity.

Evaluating the physical aspects of your company’s employees will help you determine which type of team-building activities would be most suitable.

Step 2 – Consider the Size of Your Business

If your company is a relatively small startup and it’s employee base consists of mostly active young and enthusiastic professionals, an exciting team-building activity suggestion would be inter-company action soccer or any other kind of exciting sports games.

To add to the team-building spirit, investing in custom printing that showcase your company’s logo with each individual’s personalized team names is a fantastic idea that will encourage unity and humor within your team.

On the other hand, if the age group of your company employees is rather wide, of varying age groups, it may be best to consider less strenuous activities, such as carefully planned murder mystery games, treasure hunts, or even improv theatrics as this category of team-building activities won’t have half your team feeling incapable.

Step 3 – Consider Locations

Once you have established a category of suitable candidate activities, you should consider the locations that these activities require. You won’t be able to host an inter-company action soccer game in the office, and paintball won’t be all that suitable indoors. Designating an area outside the office by renting a space or taking advantage of indoor sports centers would be the most suitable.

If you have opted for less strenuous activities such as murder mysteries and treasure hunts, you will likely be able to create these scenes around the office depending on the amount of space you have available.

Step 4 – Allow Suggestions

Allow your employees to provide their suggestions, although, you should handle this step with a certain amount of strategy to ensure office chaos is not the result. Rather than allowing your employees to choose any activity, you should narrow the options as much as possible and allow them to choose between two categories or two activities.

If your results are not entirely helpful, you should opt for a majority vote decision or employ both options as two main team-building activities that everyone can enjoy. Deciding with your employees means the chosen activities will be even more effective as your team will feel they have a part in the decision-making process.