Lasting Impressions: Harnessing the Power of a Unique Business Card

When it comes to making a stunning first impression, a unique business card can go a long way. Learn how to really harness these little square marketing tools.

Today, about 83% of employees work remotely at least part of the time. Not only this, 70% of young professionals say that there is no point in going to an office to work. Despite this, many still believe that face-to-face conversations are more positive and credible than online ones.

But, how can you make lasting impressions when you meet other professionals face-to-face? The answer: by harnessing the power of a unique business card. Read on to find out more.

Business Cards Offer a More Personal Experience

While it’s more convenient, swapping contact information in a digital way is not as personal as doing so face-to-face. The key to starting a long and fruitful relationship is to engage in eye contact.

By meeting face-to-face, you create a more significant memory of your meet. Sharing your business card with a fellow professional will allow them to contact you as and when they reflect back on your encounter.

Your Business Card Represents Your Brand

If you meet someone at an event that you believe would be a great asset to your business, you need them to leave them with a lasting impression of you. Nice business cards pass on more than just your email, phone number, and address.

They are the first impression a person will have of your brand. The key is to choose a design that looks and feels professional. Luckily, today, you can make your own business card online in a matter of seconds without spending a lot of money.

People Are More Likely to Share a Unique Business Card

Social media, search engine optimization, and all other forms of marketing are great to attract new customers. But, the most effective marketing tools you have are your handshake and business card.

There are various places you could meet a potential client. For example, you could bump into a lead at:

  • A show
  • A conference
  • Your local bar
  • The airport

Wherever you meet a lead, you want to be sure that you have a business card on hand to share. But, you also need to create a card that is memorable. If you hand prospects a card that is creative, they’ll share it with their peers. This will spread the word about your company and services further.

Business Cards Show a Level of Professionalism

There is nothing more unprofessional that writing down peoples’ contact details on old napkins at a networking event. You also don’t want to go to an event relying on your phone to find out that its battery died.

Without the right business card, you won’t connect with as many people in your industry. You may also lose leads and sales. The key is to keep a stack of business cards with you at all times. This will show prospective clients that you’re professional.

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A unique business card will leave a lasting impression with your network. It will show them that you come to events prepared and that you’re a professional individual.

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