Leased Line Vs Ordinary Broadband – Finding the Best Option for Your Business


What are your internet priorities?

Fast, reliable, low cost, secure, good support?

Sorry, you have chosen incompatible priorities, please start again.

Low cost is the problem. Speed, reliability, security and support staff all cost your internet service provider (ISP) money. Yes, charges are important, but you need to seek out a provider who charges a fair price for the service you need.

What’s Wrong with Ordinary Low-Cost Broadband?

It won’t work for a company office that has constant demands for fast internet connections from multiple computers.

Ordinary broadband is specified down to a price that domestic users find acceptable. It is designed for web browsing, video downloading, and similar activities that don’t require instantaneous responses.

Domestic broadband deals are cheap because you share one fibre-optic cable with about fifty other users.

How Many Connections?

How many internet-connected devices does your family own? Phones, tablets, home alarm systems, smart TVs, games consoles, laptops, and IoT devices such as heating controls: Every family in your area has a similar demand for bandwidth. There isn’t enough to go around, so everything slows down.

Sharing a line reduces the cost to each household, but means that everything grinds to a halt at peak times like Friday evenings when everyone is looking for movies to watch over the weekend.

How many computers, phones, and other systems does your business have that require an always-on internet connection? Even if you exclude employees’ personal phones, there are too many for an ordinary broadband connection to cope with.

You could compare a shared internet connection to a power supply that cut out every few hours because everyone decided to make coffee at the same time.

What Is a Leased Line?

With a leased line, you get a fibre-optic internet connection to your business premises that is all yours. There are no other subscribers sharing your line.

Consequently, everything works the way it should.

All the time.

Leased lines offer a symmetrical service as standard: Your data uploads are as fast as your downloads, so no more glitches in video links, no more waiting forever for data backups, and no more annoying waits for online applications to save your work.

Latency on a leased line is almost zero, so video conversations are totally natural, as if you were talking to someone in the same room. VOIP calls are of higher quality than you would ever get over an ordinary domestic or business shared line.

You can expect better service level agreements on a leased line contract. Faults will be fixed in hours rather than days. You also get an automatic fall-back option to a shared line in the event of a fault on your dedicated line.

Leased lines are not available everywhere. If you are based in a large city or urban area, you will probably have a choice of, leased line providers. However, if your offices are in a rural location you could have a problem finding a leased line provider because BT has not laid the cable infrastructure yet.

Customisation Options

Leased lines are customised to YOUR needs, so you need to ring for an accurate leased line quote.

You can specify the speed up to 100Gb (100,000 Mb/s). (That makes the ordinary “fast” broadband look distinctly slow.) You can specify the type of data your leased line will carry, so you can set up a dedicated VOIP or video connection between two company offices.

The Short Version

You should be able to take your broadband for granted, just as you do your electricity or water supplies.

A shared line is intended for non-critical scenarios such as playing games online or posting to social media accounts: It is not compatible with the data transfer requirements of a modern business. You can never take it for granted because it will let you down at peak times, just when you need it most.

Employee productivity is higher if there is no waiting around for things to happen.

A leased line is the equivalent of a stable electricity supply to your buildings.

It is the best option for most medium-sized and large businesses. Even small offices can benefit from the faster and more reliable internet availability a leased line offers.