Online Pizza Ordering and Delivery Software: Opportunities, Features and Challenges


The Restaurant Industry has survived numerous challenging situations. Be it an economic recession or a pandemic outbreak, the industry always manages to build sectors as a response to it, thus keeping the restaurant businesses afloat and thriving. The pizza delivery market is considered as one of the most resilient sectors during a recession, offering an online pizza delivery using pizza delivery software can help you position your restaurant business better into your current market.

While the industry continues to provide opportune situations to restaurateurs, it is up to you and other industry professionals to convert it into opportunities that will help in your restaurant’s growth. For instance, if you’re considering offering an online pizza ordering service as part of your online food delivery, you must know how the current market sees this type of service, and what are the advantages it can offer to you and your team. 

Read along to learn more about the basics of online pizza ordering system and what are the insurance and risk it holds for you and your restaurant. 

Essential Features of Pizza Ordering and Delivery Software

While there are basic features that an online ordering and delivery software must possess, it being essential may differ depending on who is using the platform. 

Basic Features 

Listed in the basic features are the features everyone can find useful and helpful, be it the management, customers, or the courier service provider. 

Special Note Section

This is where the customers, management, and delivery service provider can communicate. If there are special reminders that the customer needs to communicate to the restaurant, they can input it into this section. The same goes for the restaurant management and delivery service provider as well. They can easily confirm and update customers regarding the status of their pizza delivery. 

Live (Chat) Support 

Though you assure your customers that your pizza delivery system is secured and well maintained, you must provide them an option to contact your restaurant delivery section directly should they encounter a concern. Your delivery partner could also use this if they encounter delivery concerns such as difficulty locating the delivery address. 

Providing this feature allows you to handle every pizza delivery issue and concern, no matter how big or small, timely. 

Real-time Delivery Monitoring

Allowing your customers to have a sense of control over their online orders is a good way to keep them engaged with your brand. Delivery monitoring and tracking features provide your customer a simple and convenient ordering process. 

This feature is also useful for you because it minimizes delivery theft and ensures that the delivery is successful. As for your delivery service provider, they can keep you and your customers updated regarding the status of the online delivery. 


Through the registration process, you’re able to capture essential information about your delivery service provider and customers. Creating a database and formulating different types of incentives and marketing campaigns will be much easier for you. 

It is useful for your customers and delivery service provider as they can save their details and it minimizes the hassle of having to input all their information over again once they use your pizza delivery platform again. 

Restaurant Management

Here are the features of an online pizza ordering and delivery software that increase the productivity and effectiveness of your team and your restaurant. 

  • Menu management system
  • Reports, database, and analytics
  • Payment management page
  • Order management page
  • Marketing page
  • Review and feedback management page 

Delivery Partner

Your delivery partner highly appreciates these features as it helps them manage their deliveries efficiently. 

  • Account history page
  • Live chat – communication channel
  • Navigation page
  • Order details page


There are many things that a customer can demand your restaurant for, and here’s a list of what they look for in a pizza delivery platform. 

  • Interactive menu
  • A social media ordering page
  • Loyalty program and points
  • Special discounts and promotion page
  • Order tracking page
  • Payment gateway
  • Customer support option

Opportunities from Online Pizza Ordering and Delivery

The UK’s pizza delivery market is accounted to be worth 2.1 billion pounds, this makes pizza ordering and delivery a huge market potential for restaurant owners. An increase in sales is already given, but there are still a lot of advantages and opportunities that are within your reach once you integrate this kind of software into your operations

Customer Data Management

Information about their average spend, most ordered menu item, and which platform they prefer will be available for your perusal. Online delivery software captures customers’ data that are essential for your future marketing plan and forecast. 

Customer Loyalty Management

Since you’re now capable of tailoring targeted promotions and marketing campaigns, boosting customer loyalty towards your brand will be next for you. But remember, marketing is not the only factor that affects customer experience and loyalty, it is crucial to provide them excellent customer service and loyalty programs as well. 

Marketing Management 

Ensure the success of your marketing campaign by creating and formulating it according to the data that’s in your hands. You can also try SMS and push notifications to support your marketing efforts. Lastly, you can now start enjoying the benefits of geo-tagging, since this type of marketing is enforced by online delivery apps and platforms.

Delivery Management

Aside from improving your online ordering services, you can also improve the quality of your delivery management through this platform. Takeaways are traditionally placed over the phone, with the risk of interception of human-error. Through your online ordering and delivery platform, you can improve your delivery service without complicating the process. 

It also improves customer satisfaction and experience because of a simpler ordering and delivering process. 

Challenges with Online Pizza Ordering and Delivery

As the saying goes, there are two sides to the coin. While pizza delivery platforms offer a number of significant advantages for your restaurant, there are also risks and challenges that you might face while offering ordering and delivery services using this platform.

  • Overwhelming competition
  • Budget issues on creating the platform
  • Maintenance of the delivery platform
  • Customer data security and privacy attacks
  • Delivery tampering
  • Food safety
  • Food quality
  • Food sanitation
  • Packaging quality