PS3 vs. PS4 …also: What's new?


PS3 vs PS4

There’s no escaping it; we’re all fairly eager to dive into the features and enhanced prowess of the PS4.  But does this also mean that we must also toss aside our beloved PS3 consoles?  Sony’s proposed plan to not offer backwards compatibility for older games certainly points toward the PS3 retaining its usefulness for quite some time, doesn’t it?

ps3 and ps4


While it’s tempting to do a thorough comparison of the two machines, it’s probably best to simply step back and try to gain some perspective on things.  All recent developments aside, you really can’t say that the PS3 still isn’t an absolutely wonderful console in and of itself.  As you are probably already well aware, developers are still producing captivating titles for it, which implies that the PS3 will likely continue to hang around for some time, much like its wildly successful predecessor, the PS2.

Certainly the PS4 is going to offer some exciting new upgrades and potentialities in the way of graphics and performance, not to mention the stunning line-up of games which are set to land soon.  However, one could also argue that despite the fact that the PS4 is several notches ahead of the previous flagship console, immediately upgrading isn’t quite as urgent as it has been in the past.  The fact of the matter is that many seem to feel as though the PS3 broke through sort of a technological / formulaic “wall” which has more or less provided game developers with a standardized platform on which they can realize complex, multi-faceted 3D titles.  Sure, the PS2 artfully toyed with many of the staples of what has become modern gaming, but it was the PS3 that really pushed things up to a higher level.

While there’s no question that the PS4 is going to offer some incredible experiences, let’s face it, it’s still a console that’s largely building upon the triumphs which its predecessor helped to establish and cement.   Furthermore, with many of the top-tier titles being released on the PS3 in addition to their more detailed PS4 counterparts, it’s possible that some gamers might want to just wait a while before splurging on a new console.

On the other hand, for those who simply can’t wait to dive head-first into the PS4 pool, there’s plenty to be excited about.  In addition to certain features which might make some gamers feel “right at home” with the new console (like the comparable sizes of the PS3 Slim and the PS4 as well as their similar matte-black finishes) the PS4 is packing some serious horsepower.  In fact, recent claims have even surfaced which seem to indicate that the PS4 might very well be up to 50% “faster” that its competitor, the Xbox ONE. The PS4 cost will also be $100 cheaper than the XBOX One. Naturally, this refers to the speed at which developers are able to produce and code games for the console as well as the overall ability of the hardware itself.

Lastly, expect to see some new games for the PS4 coming out of Japan, including:

  • Final Fantasy 14

  • Natural Doctrine

  • Dynasty Warriors

  • Psycho Break (aka – “The Evil Within”)

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