In any organization, it’s vital to get relevant information out to the people who need it quickly and easily.  In many organizations, a substantial complaint amongst employees is not having data easily accessible to complete their tasks or to make them easier to achieve.

When organizations do not have a data sharing plan in place, the bottom line can suffer.  Employees can waste an enormous amount of time trying to track down the answers they need, which results in the need for more workforce and higher payroll dollars.  A business that makes data sharing a priority offers a healthier workplace culture and a higher level of productivity.

With big data expected to reach over 44 zettabytes by 2020, capturing this information will prove crucial to business success.

Data Management Software

Data management software is perfect for companies that have employees in different office locations or even scattered around the world.  By using a system like project management software or business intelligence software, employees can access data in real time and be able to have the tools necessary to complete their jobs quickly and efficiently.

These systems are perfect for many locations because they operate off the cloud.  The cloud merely is data storage that can be accessed by anyone, anytime, with security limitations of course.  This helps franchises and multiple business locations align with top-level goals that can become scattered and unclear.

Shared Calendars

Using a shared calendar such as the one that Google offers, is a great way to share information and invite co-workers to meetings and appointments.  Departments can create schedules to keep everybody in sync with what’s going on with their projects.  Because the calendar is cloud-based, you can access it anywhere.

You can also sync your calendar with your phone’s calendar to set reminders to keep you on track.  Many calendar apps also offer voice memos, the ability to add pictures and videos and chats for co-workers to quickly add details for others to see.  This is a powerful tool for projects with tight deadlines.

Training Programs

Adopting a training program utilizing data sharing is a way to keep your practice consistent amongst all locations.  There are many companies, such as REI Systems, that offer training in the best practices of agile and data sharing.

By sharing training files and videos, you will be able to control the message your company is trying to convey.  With regular training, your employee’s productivity should increase and help your bottom line.  When staff is well equipped to handle the job requirements, you will also have lower turnover.   When you have problems with employee behavior, you can use this training material to coach the employee back to being a productive member of the team.

Being transparent in your organization is the key to having a healthy workplace culture.  While many organizations have great intentions to have everyone stay up to date on company news and policies and giving the employees the information, they need to be successful; the reality is most need help.  By working with a data management program, you can get your data under control and have it in front of the people who need it quickly.