What Is Dropshipping – Make Your Virtual Store


The terms dropshipping is new to most of the people. But the idea behind it is for them who have alittle cash in hand but want to do online business. This business idea is awin-win situation for both sides. So, what is dropshipping? People can sell products to their customers without actually having them. Sounds funny right? Let me describe you.

Suppose, you are going to start an onlinee-commerce store but do not have enough inventory or cash. Then you can go for dropshipping. Big e-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress are selling millions of products each day. You can just buy a product from them, make an online store, do marketing your product and sell it to your customer at your price. You may think what about the delivery? No worry, Aliexpress, Amazon will do delivery to your customer on their own.

So what’s the catch here? Just give a deep thought. You are doing marketing of that product for your selling. On the opposite amazon, aliexpress have their sale also by you. So, it’s a win-win situation for both sides.

Make You Interested, Right?

Yeah, really it is. You can earn from home by dropshipping. Make your virtual store with little investment. Just do marketing over the internet and you will get your sale. But there is something you need to aware of. It’s not a playground of your child. It’s a business. There is also some risk as other businesses have. Just follow this short guide.

First, you need to know the risk factors of this business.


This always an important part of online selling. If your packaging is not that so good or attractive, people will lose their attention to you. So for the packaging, you need to bring that product to, make a good package then deliver you by yourself. It’s a lengthy process. You can also ask your seller to package that product well. But It will cost you some extra money.

Risk about the items

You don’t know the quality of the product while dropshipping a product. If the quality of that product will not much good, you will lose your customer satisfaction. And customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors of any business.

So what to do?

Deep niches:First, search a good selling niches but not too high competitive.

Low-volume sell-through rates and high-profit margins:This means you may not get sell 100 per week but you will make a handsome profit when a high price product is sold.

Find supplier: It’s always been difficult finding a good supplier from those marketplaces. Cause there are plenty of fake or low-quality supplier there. Be careful while business with them.

Ask these things before purchasing from a supplier:

  • How long it will take for an order to be shipped
  • What shipping methods do they offer?
  • Do they offer warranties?
  • Can you use their product photos?

Selling Platform: It does not differ a lot. But each platform has their own rules and strategies. Do aproper study on them while selecting a platform.

Dropshipping business can bring you real money without investing much cash. It’s really a good startup business. But before starting any business do aproper study on that and make your own strategy.