Why Are So Many Brands Failing At Blogger Outreach

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The marketing sector can sometimes be a complicated place as new, and more effective techniques and tools are launched regularly.

Despite the truth that many digital and PR companies and agencies have realized that bloggers can be strong brand ambassadors, still there are complaints from numerous bloggers that outreach techniques are usually poorly thought of.

Though some brands continue to dominate the blogging industry, still there seems to be a severe case of miscommunication between many brand representatives and popular bloggers.

Various top bloggers have readerships that are likely to rival some top editorial sites. These bloggers have built a great audience and followings that trust their views, recommendations, reviews, and advice.

Thus, engaging these top bloggers can provide a considerable return for online marketers if approached in the right way.

Here are common mistakes that Caffeinated found to contribute to the failure of most blogging outreach efforts.

1. Pushing an irrelevant product onto the wrong audience

Most bloggers complain that they get a stream of pitch emails that are entirely irrelevant to their regular content. While everyone wants to jump onto the bandwagon of blogging outreach, not everyone can.

For instance, a gardening company approaching a blogger community to promote their gardening products to fashion and entertainment bloggers is a waste of time. This is like pushing an irrelevant product to the wrong audience.


Having a product which is relevant to the blogging niche is the first requirement of a successful blogger outreach marketing campaigns. In case you can’t meet this requirement, it’s wise to step away from blogger outreach because it isn’t your thing.

Analyze your brand and products on offer and approach the right blogging niche. Ensure that you reach out to bloggers who will find your products and services beneficial to their audience. Relevance is key to any successful blogger outreach campaign.

2. Poorly thought-out-strategies and not setting realistic goals

Most brands complain that they have tried blogger outreach in-house and haven’t seen tangible results from their efforts. Some of these brands try the technique just because they realize that their competitors have been using this strategy.

That means such brands dive into blogger outreach without setting up goals and effective strategies for achieving these objectives. Unfortunately, the blogger outreach process isn’t quite that simple.


It’s wise not to rush your blogger outreach activities. Take the time to figure out what you intend to achieve from your blogger outreach campaigns. You also need to think about how the bloggers you work with can help you achieve your objectives and avoid duplicate content.

You should also measure the success of your campaigns. Once you plan your outreach approach, figure out how you will accurately measure whatever you have planned. Always track your traffic, referrals, social media shares, and any other metric which is important to your clients and your brand.

4. Unrealistic expectations and giving too little

It’s important to think about the influencers you’re are going to work with as business partners. One problem with devising an outreach strategy is that the entire process excludes the bloggers. Therefore, when you start the blogger outreach campaigns, keep in mind that you may be forced to compromise a few things to get your expected results.


Focus on finding a blogger with a quality website, engaged social following, and relevant readership. Take the time to plan and establish working relationships with such bloggers. When it comes to allocating budgets, a common issue with marketing and PR departments is getting the sign-off and the right budget to create a strategy that can attract the top bloggers in their niches.

Measuring the performance of your outreach strategies is a key to overcome these challenges. If you can report a successful outreach campaign and have great statistics to back you up, it will be easier to convince your superiors that the outreach strategy is working and they will back you up.


Blogger outreach is an effective tool for a marketer to reach a broad, new audience. However, most brands are failing because they use poor outreach strategies. Understanding how these outreach strategies work is key to achieving your objectives. If you have been doing it the wrong way, you now know how to correct your mistakes.