5 Ideas To Design The Perfect Office On A Budget


Office design plays a major role in any startup’s success. The best workspaces are highly organized while portraying brand identity and offering employees their own personal spaces. Many entrepreneurs like yourself struggle to find the financing to create a quality workspace. However, you do not need to struggle to obtain immense amounts of funding for your startup’s office design. Instead, read this post to discover the top ideas to design the perfect office on a budget.

Leave Out A Reception Area

Firstly, consider leaving out the reception area. Many entrepreneurs assume that they need this feature in order to impress prospective clients and potential hires. More so, they think that the area is crucial for showing visitors where to go upon entering. Fortunately for you, this is not the case. Several impressive, modern office spaces use other means of directing visitors. For instance, you can use your company logo design to lead your clients and/or interviewees to your desk. Simply paint the design onto the floor to create a path. If your first office space is on the smaller side, you may not even need such a design element. Keep this office design idea in mind to stick to your budget.

Buy Used Office Furniture

Another great way to design a quality office space without overspending is to buy used office furniture. Entrepreneurs often forget that used pieces can be just as high-quality as new ones. The main difference is the price. If you spend thousands of dollars on new desks, new chairs and new computers before even officially launching your company, you could dig yourself a financial hole. Instead, look to your local furniture stores for cheaper, used items. According to ROSI Office Systems, “New cubicles are available in a variety of quick-ship (5 and 10 days) options. Custom options require 2-4 week lead time. As-is used office furniture (in our Houston TX location) is available for immediate delivery.” Thus, you can lower your lead time and keep your costs low by buying used furniture instead of new pieces.

Focus On Functionality

Moreover, focus on functionality as you design your new office space. While you do want your first workspace to look the part, you need to keep what is important in mind. The main reason that you purchased an office is to work in it. Thus, you need to focus on elements that will make working in your space easier. Before choosing a layout type, consider how convenient each option will be. If you choose a design that does not allow workers to get in and out of their designated desk spaces easily, your team will not be productive. The same goes for layouts that do not offer team members their own spaces. Shop around for items that will increase productivity before you buy pricey decorations. In doing so, you set yourself up to create an efficient work environment without going over-budget.

Bring Nature Indoors

Since greenery increases productivity levels in workspaces, spending a small portion of your budget on plants is a great office design idea. Financially-savvy entrepreneurs usually buy plants to decorate their first offices. After all, you can purchase all different kinds of plants at a low cost. If you take advantage of this idea, ensure that you choose plants that fit your office. Small spaces with low ceilings likely do not need tall trees. Instead, you can increase productivity and oxygen levels by purchasing small window plants. You could even place a couple of hanging plants near your office windows. Regardless of how you use plants, decorating with them is a budget-friendly way to improve your office design.

 Use Makeshift Dividers

Finally, use makeshift dividers when designing your first office. The ideal office setting offers each employee their own work area. This can be difficult to achieve when you do not have the capital you need to buy fancy desks or a large office with separate rooms. To avoid going over budget and still provide each worker with a designated space, use makeshift dividers. You can find inexpensive ones that are aesthetically pleasing and sturdy. Simply place them in between workspaces to ensure that your team members do not feel uncomfortable at work. This is yet another great office design idea to take advantage of.

In order to launch your startup successfully, you need to design an impressive office space and stick to your budget simultaneously. A great way to achieve both goals is to leave out a reception area. You can also buy used office furniture instead of new pieces. Focus on functionality instead of appearance to save capital on decorations. Purchase plants instead of expensive artwork to decorate your space. Moreover, use makeshift dividers to offer employees their own workspaces without overspending. Use these ideas to design your perfect office space on a budget.