Calling All Nerds! 9 Inspiring Jobs Designed For Technology Enthusiasts


The internet is used by over 4.3 million users worldwide. That equates to about 56.1% of the entire world population.

In 2016 alone, the internet growth rate was 7.5%, and that number is only increasing every year.

People have become dependent on the web not only for their day-to-day searches, but for work, school, social media, and building connections. In fact, over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each year by internet users—a number so big, it’s beyond comprehension!

You can browse and connect online with an iPad, computer, cell phone—the list is endless.

But have you ever stopped to think about what, or who creates this digital world?

People who are avid internet users depend on the constant creation and growth in the area of technology for the apps, social media sites, and other online pages they use.

Each of these areas is created by someone with an IT or tech job.

Jobs in technology are not only in high demand, but they boast some of the highest salaries and retention rates in their industry. They also have some of the lowest unemployment percentages.

Here are nine of the best tech jobs to inspire you in your job search.

1.Software Developer

One of the largest openings in tech jobs is a Software Developer. This position is expected to have a 24% job outlook increase between 2016 to the year 2026.

Someone in this field has to be both creative and innovative. These are the people that design applications, operating systems, and interfaces, among other technological projects. They may also write new code to fix problems, or redesign pages to make them function better.

It’s often required to have a bachelor’s degree in something related to computer science, math, or software engineering.

2.Computer Systems Analyst

 Another highly-projected job, a Computer Systems Analyst is focused primarily in designing computer systems and working closely with clients to develop exactly what they’re looking for.

Computer systems analysts also work with mobile technology and cloud computing. They also find options for data storage, for example, the agile PLM cloud solution.

A bachelor’s in something computer-related is recommended, although not always required.

3.Data Scientist

 The Data Scientist position has been named the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century.’ There’s a high demand for these tech jobs because someone in this position can help evaluate data to assist in high-level decision making.

A master’s or Ph.D. is often required, especially in the field of computer science, engineering, or math/statistics.

4.Web Developer

 Anything you see on a website—from the search bar, to the colors, to the overall design and functionally—was created by a web developer. This is one of the best in jobs in technology just based on creativity alone.

There are three types of web developers. Web designers are the people who create the feel/theme and layout of a website. Webmasters maintain the website and all functions. And web architects ensure everything is running smoothly in terms of technical construction.

You need an associate’s (web design), webmaster certificate/associate’s/bachelor’s, and a bachelor’s (computer science or programming) for each position respectively.

5.Information Security Analyst

 Cybersecurity is a growing concern, and with that concern comes the need for information security analysts.

An information security analyst’s job is to create and perform security maintenance so that there isn’t a breach to a company’s computers, systems, or networks.

A bachelor’s in computer programming or computer science is the basic requirement, but a master’s is often preferred by many employers.

6.Computer Network Architect

 A computer network architect is someone who builds, designs, and maintains communication networks for data (like the cloud, for example).

As a company grows, the computer network architect is the one expanding the IT networks and rebuilding the company’s online structure.

A bachelor’s is usually required (in the field of computer programming/science, information systems, or engineering).

7.IT Manager

 One of the best IT jobs is an IT manager. An IT manager is a person who troubleshoots and fixes issues related to computer needs (both hardware and software). They are also continually searching for new ways to solve technological issues, as well as upgrade systems.

These jobs, although not as high paying as some in the field of computer design, are necessary for all companies to keep their computer systems running correctly.

A bachelor’s is required, and often a Master of Business Administration or other graduate degree is preferred as well (plus years of IT experience before promotion into a managerial position).

8.Computer Programmer

 Computer programmers are essential for making the code that software and systems need to run correctly.

A big part of this job is about maintaining, writing (and rewriting!) and testing code to problem solve different issues. They’re also involved in debugging systems to get them to run correctly.

Almost all positions require a bachelor’s degree or at minimum, a two-year degree/certificate.

9.Database Administrator

 A database administrator (DBA) is a person who sets up a company’s database according to its needs and desires. This position also plays a major role in ensuring everything is running smoothly, with strong security measures to prevent hacking.

A bachelor’s is often required, although some employers prefer an MBA or computer information systems concentration.

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