How To Make Money On The Internet


The digital age has brought with it some seriously useful advancements in the fields of ecommerce and marketing, but that’s not all. Nowadays everyone is free to start their own business and utilise technology to make huge profits in whichever industry they choose to operate – something that was a lot more difficult during before computers were around. There’s a truly global marketplace out there, which means attracting customers and clients from other countries has never been easier, and this has resulted in firms that would have otherwise crumbled very quickly, becoming more successful than even the most optimistic experts could have ever imagined.

Still, with so much competition out there some people find it difficult to identify their niche and act in a timely manner, which is why I’ve taken the time out of my increasingly busy schedule to construct an article detailing some of the ideas you might want to research. Everything on this list has been achieved before, and each continues to help thousands of people earn a good living, so you should definitely give them some sincere thought if you’re in the mood to leave that boring 9 to 5 job and become somewhat of an entrepreneur.

Still not sure? Then read through my suggestions and do some of your own background work. I’m confident you’ll then realise just how much opportunity there is for someone like you to seriously improve your living standards doing a job you actually free enthusiastic about.

Online Selling via Established Websites

Most of you will already know people who sell on eBay or Amazon from time to time, yet many people fail to realise how lucrative this endeavour can be. Sure, you’ll have to pay commissions to the website owners and probably have to deal with the same issues when processing payments, but people can and do make thousands of pounds each year with minimal effort. All you need to do is find a product you know will sell well, contact the manufacturers with regards to bulk order discounts, then start posting listings online. Within a few days, the items should get snapped up by eager buyers, leaving you with nothing more to do than visit your local post office and send them on their way.

Nearly everyone who does this chooses to become self employed because it’s much simpler than starting their own company, and to be honest, it’s the best way of going about the whole endeavour.

Freelance Writing and Blogging

Now, I can personally guarantee this will create a good level of income because I obviously do it myself, and contrary to popular belief, I never work for free. Thanks to an increase in websites that bring employers and freelancers together, it’s never been quite as easy to get started. Ideally you’ll need to begin slowly because taking on too much work could result in you feeling a bit stressed, especially when having to contact the employer requesting an extended timeline. Still, anyone who has a talent for writing should have no trouble keeping up with their responsibilities.

Alternatively, you could start a few blogs of your own and earn money that way. However, unless you’re getting millions of views every day the money made from advertising will be minimal, and this is why you’ll need to get a bit more creative. There are many marketing companies out there who will be willing to pay good money to have a post placed on your blog (or in some cases, even just a mention), and they should be the first people you contact – presuming they don’t get in touch with you first.

Another good idea would be to send your CV to firms who provide a expert essay writers Service, as they tend to pay very good wages, especially to those who have relevant university qualifications and who can create academic papers within a reasonable timeframe.

Desirable Clothing Designs

People love to look good, and since the internet has managed to bring us all closer together, they’re more than willing to buy a t-shirt from average joe public if it looks cooler than some of the designs they see in high street shops. You could go one step further and try to create your own fashion range, but this is likely to require a lot of initial investment and even then, things could go wrong. It’s much more sensible for anyone with the inclination to start with basic items, and this is because there are actually many other businesses online who are capable of producing them for you with little cost.

All you need to do is come up with the concept, create a fantastic design and market it accordingly. Some find that social media websites are the best way of doing this; others prefer using more broad forms of advertising like that provided by Google Adwords, but either way, if the products look good enough people will buy them.

Domain Name Selling

This can be a little hit and miss due to the nature of buzzwords and popular terms, but many people successfully obtain a fantastic income every year from selling domain names, so there’s no reason you can’t do it too. The basic premise is thus; you find a domain name that’s currently inexpensive, but for which you predict there will be high demand in the near future. Then you sit tight and wait for companies and individuals to contact you requesting to make a purchase. In most instances, this would be done through what is known as a broker, and depending upon how good your selection was, it’s more than possible to see a return that equals over 100 times the amount you initially invested.

If you take a moment to search online for impressive domain name sales, you’ll probably come across reports from a few years ago when sold for almost £10,000,000 after being purchased only 5 years previously for £200 – now that’s the kind of profit margin we’d all like to see, right?

Educational Tutoring

Upper class parents regularly spend phenomenal amounts on employing tutors for their children who are slipping behind at school. In fact, only a couple of months ago a major UK newspaper ran a story about a mathematics tutor in London who successfully charges £1000 per hour to his clients. Now, although you’re probably never going to reach that level, starting your own online tutoring service could prove to be incredibly fruitful. This is because you’ll be able to deal with more than one student at a time via Skype or another video messaging platform, and so will triple or even quadruple the amount of money you receive for your services.

On top of this, you’ll be glad to know there are no legal requirements for tutors in the UK, meaning that anyone can do it, even without relevant qualifications. It’s probable that you’ll attract less well off clients without a degree, but this doesn’t mean you still can’t make a fantastic living doing something you enjoy online, from home.

Selling eBooks or Stock Photos

If you’re a writer then you’re in for a treat because self publishing has really taken off over the last few years, and now through websites like Createspace and LuLu, any UK resident who want’s to bring their own title to the market can do so without spending any more than £100. You’ll be responsible for creating your own cover and formatting the test properly, but after that all you need to do is upload the file and let the experts do the rest. Also, you’ll probably be surprised to learn that royalties are much higher than anyone could expect from traditional publishers (often around 70%), so there’s a lot of money to be made.

In much the same way, anyone will a keen eye for photography can make cash by uploading their pictures to a stock photo website and waiting for people to make purchases. Again, you might think the amount of cash available would be low, but in truth, with marketing agencies and bloggers churning out millions of articles each day, the need for quality images has never been higher.

Virtual Assistance

Presuming you’ve got expertise in an area that some companies would find useful, it could be a wise move to create a website and advertise this online. You see; many firms simply can’t afford to employ someone full time for roles like this, and so they tend to turn to freelancers. However, with a quality online presence and testimonials from other businesses, you stand a good chance of removing them from the mainstream pool and obtaining contracts directly.

This will usually involve sending emails, video messaging and the occasional phone call, but if you already know how to do whatever it is you’re assisting them with, it’s pretty straightforward really.

So as you can see, making money on the internet is a realistic dream that you should all strive for. The days of spending your waking lives in some drab office or noisy factory will soon be gone, which is why making the move into online employment now could result in you gaining enough contacts and experience to guarantee you continue to make a profit, even after the masses wake up and realise they’re going to have to do the same thing.